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In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add new email aliases to your account. First go to your email aliases area of your account administration portal. Here you can see a list of all your existing users, their forwarding settings, catch-all aliases, and individual email aliases. Currently we don't have any individual aliases. We're going to create one now.

Creating an Alias

Go under add new alias. Here you select the domain name and give it a username. Call it sales. The idea is that we're going to create an email address here,, that will forward to other email addresses. This is called an alias. An alias corresponds to an email address that doesn't correspond to an actual physical user. In this example I'm going to pretend it's going to forward to two other people,, and I'm just making these up. Any email that comes into sales will then bounce to these two separate people.

We could also choose, instead of having an alias forward messages, to have the alias just send back a bounce message to all of the senders with any bounce you want, like "go away", or "this user no longer exists", or whatever you want. You could also choose to have the inbound email to this address, sales, just completely be silently deleted. That's useful if you don't want to have a bounce, you don't want people to know the address is really valid, but you still don't want to get the email for it.

We're going to go back to just having it be a forward to a distribution list. Now I'm going to hit create aliases and it's done.

Creating Multiple Aliases

I'm back to the page where I can create another alias. I could also click down here and create another form. We can create two, three, four, five aliases at once.

Going back to our alias list page we now see this distribution list. forwards to these two addresses. We could choose to edit that. We could choose to delete it. Or we could choose to go back and add more.

Bulk Alias Creation

If you want to add a lot of aliases at once you can use the bulk add alias tool here. With this you upload a CSV file, which is like an Excel spreadsheet that will contain the addresses and what should happen to each email to all these addresses. If you go into the help area you'll be able to download an example CSV file that you can put in Excel and fill with all the data for your addresses. You'll come back here, open the file, and proceed to create them all in bulk. Similarly, you can bulk delete addresses or delete addresses straight from the alias list.

Propagation Time

When you create new email addresses with the alias tool, it takes one to two minutes before they're active on the internet. Don't try to test them too quickly. Give them a little bit of time to propagate before you're testing them to make sure that they're working properly for you.

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