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Creating a Single User

In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to create new users in your account. First go under account and go to your user administration area. There, click on add new user. Here, choose the domain name which the user will reside, and give the username as that domain name. For example Bob.Smith. This user's login will be and that will also be his primary email address. We click verify to make sure that's not taken.

Next we enter his actual name. Any other contact information you want to add, like alternate email address, initial security question, cellphone numbers, i.e. things that can be used for two factor authentication. You give him his initial I'm just going to copy the suggested one. Make sure you save this because if you forget it you won't be able to retrieve it, although you will be able to reset it. If you wish to impose a disk space limit on Bob, specify how many megabytes he should be limited to. Choose what additional services he may be allowed to have, and then press create user.


Once the user is created throughout the system you'll see a confirmation window. That's all set. You can go click on configure this user to go edit the settings, or you can go and create another user.

Bulk User Creation

If you have many users to create you can go under bulk user tools and click on bulk user creation. Here, you can either use a form to enter any number of users at once, for example 10. Where you can then enter the names, addresses and passwords for all the users, and create them all at once. Or you could upload a CSV file with all the relevant information. Email address, name and so forth. In the help you'll find an example CSV file that you can download and edit yourself.

User-Creation Widgets

if you find yourself wanting to create users frequently you can also go to your administrative workspace, you can add a widget for creating users. Scroll down, let's add the add new user widget. And now here's a new widget where you can directly create new users right from your workspace whenever you want, saving you a few clicks.

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