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Welcome to LuxSci. In this short video I'm going to give you a quick tour of our user interface. This first page here is our workspaces. This is where you can create personal dashboards that allow you to accomplish specific tasks using just the tools you need. We'll come back to this. Throughout the site you'll see various getting started areas. These provide videos and help on the various sections. I highly recommend that you watch the videos to get acquainted with how to use our various tools.


To check your email you can go click on email or click check email to enter the email area. There's several videos on how to use the email system. It is really quite straightforward based upon Outlook and Thunderbird, so it should be easy to get started.


At the top of the screen on every single page you'll find the toolbar. This is where you will find your pinned applications, such as checking on sending email, address books, calendars. You can click on the settings and choose exactly which apps you wish to have up there for quick access. In the apps menu you will find all your other non-email and non-workspace apps, in particular your file manager, your address books, calendars, and tasks, notes, user groups, etc., etc.


Under help you'll find our online help system where you can search whatever help you need. These help documents are customized to you. When you get help on setting up Outlook, for example, it will tell you exactly what to enter for your particular account.


You can go into support tickets to create new tickets on new issues or questions that you may have. Our support staff is here 9 a.m. till 11 p.m. Eastern standard time every single day of the year to answer your questions. We also have emergency help 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for any mission-critical issue. Enter your subject, enter the description, and your request will be sent off to our support staff for assistance.

Account Menu

Under your account menu you find a few other areas. One is your settings. Here you can customize the user interface and its behavior to your needs. You can also go in and set up various properties of your inbound email, like forwarding, vacation auto-responders, spam filtering, and your outbound email, such as your web mail signatures, automatic taglines.


Under reports, you'll find everything you wanted to know about the email messages that you've sent, your login successes and failures, how much SMS texting you've been using, what messages you've sent, if they've gone through correctly, if there have been deliverability issues, which auto-responders when bounced back to senders, etc. Go in here to find out everything you need to know all the way down to your recent disk usage.


Going back to workspaces, the default workspace, your default dashboard, gives you your inbox and email composition widget, your profile, and our LuxSci FYI Blog latest entries. You can use this as a quick place to check your email, send email, and check in with what's going on at LuxSci. You can also use the various tools herein to customize this, add/remove widgets, and add new dashboards. Click on the using workspaces video tour to learn more on all the things that you can do with workspaces.

Account Administration

If you're an account administrator, you can go under account and choose account administration home. This takes you to the account administration area of the LuxSci user interface. Here we recommend watching the account administration overview video to learn what all the various sections are and how they work.

Next Step

For regular users, we recommend watching the using workspaces video and the web mail usage basics videos next. Thank you very much.

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LuxSci has been a pleasure to work with. The level of support we've received from them has been top-notch. From the smallest user issue to complex custom work, LuxSci has delivered service far above what I expected. Best of all, uptime with LuxSci has been 100%."

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