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Hello, folks and welcome to our educational series. What we're looking at currently is the end user interface. First thing that you'll load up to is the daily quarantine. You're going to be able to select inbound or outbound type, when it was received, today, yesterday, last week, last two weeks, or the last 30 days. We're able to go back 30 days within the daily quarantine. What was the status? Was it any? Was it quarantined? Reported? Blocked? Cleared? Cleared but queued for delivery? Cleared but bounced by destination, or cleared released from the quarantine?

The next type we're going to look at is the emergency inbox. The emergency inbox becomes available if there's an outage on the mail server whether that's on premise, Office 365, Google Apps. Automatically, after 15 attempts within 15 minutes, the emergency inbox is going to be starting to be populated. This is going to have messages that were queued at the time of the mail server's failure to deliver. You're going to be able to send and receive messages from the emergency inbox. A couple options to make note of here, check for new messages, create a new message, mark messages, and filter any of the messages that are currently in the emergency inbox.

Moving onto the settings tab, you're going to be able to adjust any of your profile information, such as your last name, first name. You want to provide your mobile number. This is where you can change your password for login information, check any available aliases that you may or may not have, adjust your individual spam settings. The current trigger level is seven. That is the default amount. We would recommend leaving it on there unless there is a compelling reason to change that. If you're looking to quarantine graymail or newsletters coming through, simply change the quarantine bulk e-mail to yes.

Some other options that are available would be the stamp and forward, that notification that if it is a piece of spam and you are getting it in your inbox, it will mark it as such for you. Moving onto the daily digest tab, this is where you can adjust your daily digest delivery time. Automatically, it's going to be enabled. However, you can adjust based off the 24-hour clock when you would like the first one to come in and then, adjust the interval into four, six, eight, 12, or 24 hours.

You can check and see if you're in any groups assigned by your administrator under the groups tab. Your senders list would be your approved and blocked senders list. This is where you can add additional users or modify anything that is in there. If it is on your blocked list, you will not be receiving that. Automatically, that will be blocked. Safe senders list, ones that have gone to the quarantine that you've marked as a safe sender, will automatically be delivered to your mailbox. We, of course, do support unlimited amount of block, safe senders and blocked senders.

Moving down to the last tab here is the disclaimer tab. If you wish to add disclaimers to your e-mails, this is where you would easily edit that information, place it in there and that would be placed at the bottom of your e-mails. Thanks, folks, for joining our educational series for Proofpoint Essentials end user interface.

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