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Sending a SecureText from WebMail

As a LuxSci SecureLineTM user, you can send a SecureText message from WebMail, from your email program, or from our API. In WebMail, press Compose and enter the US phone number, without one, but with the area code @secure.text. You can also send to people in other countries.

Compose the message as you would normally compose an email. Include a subject, anything you want in the body, and any attachments that you want. These messages can be arbitrarily large. When you are ready, press the "Send" button to send the message.

Receiving a SecureText

Your recipient will immediately receive a text message that says it's from you. This message will not contain any of the sensitive information that you sent. Everything is being saved securely on our servers. This message will come from a generic phone number at LuxSci. You can customize this phone number, and get your own phone number with out private labeling service.

Viewing the SecureText Content

To view the SecureText, I click on the link. As a first time SecureText user, I need to create an account. I enter a password and my email address, and I hit next step. In order to verify your identity, SecureText sends you a short code to your phone. You look up that code, and then you type it into the box. Click "View your SecureText message" to view the actual message, the full contents, and download any attachments. Click on the "Secure Reply" button to send a message back to the sender. You can include any text that you want, and even add attachments from your phone. Press "send message" to send the message.

When you receive a second message from the same sender, it will appear in your conversation as another entry. If you didn't log out from the SecureText portal and it's been less than a day since you last used it, clicking on the link in your text message will take you right in to view the contents of the SecureText.

Authenticating to SecureText

If you're no longer logged into SecureText, clicking on the link will ask you for your SecureText password. Enter that and press "view SecureText," and you'll once more be able to see the full message contents.

Receiving a Reply from a SecureText Recipient

Back as the LuxSci SecureText user who got a reply from their SecureText recipient, it comes in like a normal email message that you can see, download attachments from, save to folders, and even reply to normally, and when you reply, the message will go back to their SecureText account on their phone.

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