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Secure Form is a service that provides a secure and HPPA compliance solution for hosting and processing online web forms. Let's take a look at the patient intake form. Each form is assigned a URL, which can be opened as a lin from your website or I framed within a page ending website. The form builder is a WYSIWYG editor to build your form. Along the top tool bar, are options for such things as formatting text along the right, are page elements, like responsive columns, which are based on boot strap tables, imaging. You can add form fields, such as text input, buttons, check boxes, date pickers and special fields such as ink signature, which is a field where someone can sign the document online.

With all these elements, you simply drag the element onto the form and the HTML code is created in the background. You can toggle between the form view and the source view with this button here. So, you don't need to know HTML to make the forms, but if you do, you have the flexibility of going into the code and editing it directly. Either in the form builder editor or by copying the code into a different editor making changes and bringing the code back in.

It's also possible to add JavaScript. To Java Script you go to this cog icon here. Click on custom JavaScript and anything that you'd put between the script tags you'd enter in here. Likewise, you can add your own custom CSS styling anything that would go between the style tags would go here.

To link your form to an external CSS styling sheet, you go to the form builder settings and click on the radio button for use your own external style sheet. Also, your options to enable boot strap, which is very useful for making mobile responsive forms. Another way to make a form responsive is you can use a separate version of the form for mobile devices by selecting use a separate version for mobile devices and you can choose the screen with that it would revert to this other version of the form for mobile devices. Once the form is submitted, the data can be delivered to you in a number of ways. You would choose to add integration for different options.

It can be delivered by email, posted to a database, online folder, FTP site. Email is the most common method for having the form being delivered to you and it's HPPA compliant as the email sent with TLS encryption. Clicking on the view settings for email, you can have the email data sent to one recipient or multiple email recipients. You can also choose, which format to have the data in, such as two column HTML, plain text, CSV, XML, you can choose one or any combination of these options. There's also an option to have the data refilled into a PDF template and in this way you'll get an email of the PDF with a completed and filled out form.

PDF templates would be loaded here with the templates tab. Let me show you how you would receive a form submission this way. We'll go to the form builder tab, click on view to view the form. We'll fill out the form, sign it, click submit form and get an email with the completed form as a PDF. With Secure Form, you can host your forms online and HPPA compliant. Thanks for watching and if you're interested in learning more, please contact the LuxSci sales team. Thanks.

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