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One of the great features of SecureForm is being able to provide people the option of filling out your form online and then receiving a PDF of the completed filled-out form. To do this, you need to create a template of the form with fields and placeholders that will be refilled with data submitted from the online form. Once you create this template, you go to the template's tab in SecureForm and upload it. There are two types of templates: A PDF file with form fields and an HTML file with dynamic substitution placeholders that will be converted into a PDF.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make both types of templates. Let's start by making a PDF template. In this case for the Sunrise Healthcare in-take form. Here's the PDF that we'll make the template from. Your PDF could come from scanning paper form to a PDF. You could have a word document that you've created and saved as a PDF. However, you have this PDF that you're starting with, we're going to be adding form fields to it. So, the application that you use for this has got to be able to edit PDF form fields. In this case I'm using Adobe Acrobat.

We'll start by adding the first main field, which is a text field in the online web form. So, we'll use a text field for the Adobe form as well. It's critically important that the field name on the PDF is exactly the same as it is on the web form, both in case sensitivity and making sure there's no trailing spaces as well. For radio buttons and checkboxes, there's a couple things that need to match. Just like in the text boxes, the field name needs to match exactly. With these checkboxes and radio buttons, the option field also has to match exactly. In this case there's marital status. Capitalized, underscore, capitalized. All lowercase. SEP is the value.

It has to match exactly both the option and the field name for radio buttons. For date fields, you'll sue a text box. Notice that there is no field type that could accommodate an image of a signature. For that reason on PDF templates, the signature appears on a second page to the form. Now that we've created our template, we'll go to the templates tab. Click edit settings. On the upper part here for PDF template, we'll browse for the template. You can create a name for the file. Most likely you'd want to flatten the file so it can't be edited in the version that is sent to by email. Click Save Changes.

Very next important step, since in this case we're getting our submitted data by email. We'll go to the email tab. Click settings. Once you add a template file, that option becomes available in as far as the data option received an email. So, we want to select PDF template file. You can keep any other data formats as well, or choose just to have ... it sends to you as a PDF. We'll click save. Now let's fill out the online web form ... and click submit. Now let's go to our email, which we've received the PDF, which is here. A PDF filled out with our information.

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