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Workspaces are Dashboards

LuxSci workspaces allow you to create your own dashboards in LuxSci to create your own screens and simplify your interactions with our site and tools. In this example the default dashboard that you may have includes your inbox, an email composition Widget, your current profile, recent things in the LuxSci blog, your calendar, and your address book.


Each of these boxes we refer to as a "Widget." You can rearrange the Widgets just by dragging and dropping. You can add and remove Widgets from the interface. To remove a Widget, click on the gear and choose "Delete." To add a Widget, go under the pencil icon and click "Add Widget." From here you can select among all the available Widgets that you may choose from.

More Workspaces

You can create additional dashboards by clicking on the plus sign. Give it a name. I'll give you some "Personal Space." Create. Now this shows up as a new workspace over here and it wants us to add a Widget to start with. In this case I'll start with the notepad, click on that and give it a title: to do list. Save. Now our workspace contains one Widget that is a to do list. Whatever we type here is automatically saved. If you navigate away and come back, your changes are always there.

Columns for Widgets

Right now it looks like there's three columns. You can change the number of columns for Widgets by going and using the menu and choosing more or fewer columns. In this case let's go down to space for two columns.

Adding a Widget

We'll add another Widget. In this case perhaps we'll add our email composition Widget for sending messages quickly. We could add other things as well, like references to specific apps like documents or our address book, information about ourselves or our account, administrative Widgets, and even some custom Widgets where you can enter arbitrary HTML to pull in data from external websites. This allows you to have a Widget that does essentially anything that you want.

This example, let's look at adding the compose Widget. Here it is. Now you can compose messages right here just like you would in any other section of LuxSci's website. The facility for encryption and all the other settings are exactly the same. Switch back to your dashboard by clicking on it.

Selecting the Default Workspace

You can use the pencil icon once again to specify which workspace is going to be your default one. This is the one that was pulled up first if you login directly to workspaces or if you come to your workspaces through the menu without specifying which one you want.

Menus and Sharing

All the workspaces that you've created or have access to are visible underneath your workspaces menu. Finally, you can share workspaces with other people in your account. For example, I can share this one with everybody. Now everyone in the account will have access to this particular workspace.

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