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Ultimate Control: Manage Access to Your Services with Custom Firewalls

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Can I block this one IP that is scanning our accounts?  Can I restrict my account so that people can only access it from our office network, or require that they authenticate to WebMail first (using two-factor authentication)?

LuxSci is constantly asked for fine-grained access controls by customers who are in shared environments (sharing the same servers with many other accounts).  However, blocking access from IP addresses globally at the request of one customer may potentially affect other customers using the same system.

That is, until now. LuxSci customers can now configure their own custom firewalls to allow and deny access as they see fit without affecting other customers sharing the same server(s).

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Encrypting Sent Email — An Often Overlooked Part of End-to-End Encryption

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

You are proactive and security conscious.  You use end-to-end encryption software, like PGP or S/MIME or LuxSci SecureLine, to send your sensitive messages to their destinations, ensuring that the message content is encrypted the entire way … because otherwise, email is just plain insecure.

Oh – but what about the copies of these messages saved to your “Sent Email” folders?  Are they encrypted or secure?  Should they be?

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When is “Secure Email” only a Veneer of Security?

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

I recently applied for a new insurance policy with fairly well known insurance agency (who shall remain nameless).  When all the preliminaries were done, the representative emailed me copies of the new policies.  They were “secure” emails.  I was very impressed … they thought enough of my privacy and identity to ensure that sensitive documents  would be sent securely.  And, working in an email security company, I actually know and appreciate the ramifications of that perhaps more than most.

So, once I finally got around to accessing the message, I discovered that it was really not secure at all!  Even though the subject said “secured”, the representative said it was secure, and the PDFs of the policy documents were not physically in the message, it was really completely insecure!  My faith in the company is now somewhat tarnished (though they might not even know about the issue) … and I have serious doubts about whatever provider they are using to facilitate these “secure messages”.

How do I know it was insecure?

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How Secure are Password-Protected Files?

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

We recently discussed email security for accountants and mentioned that the use of password-protected files is not usually a very good solution for meeting data privacy needs.  After writing this and getting some feed back, we thought that the issue of password-protected files really deserves some further discussion.  Many people are under the assumption that if they use the “password protection” features of whatever software they are using, that their data is safe and secure.  However, this is not necessarily the case.  Why?

Using password-protected files to secure data is fast and easy and built into many applications.  Why not use it?  Certainly, password protecting files is much better than not doing so.  However, there are several things that determine how secure these “protected” files really are.

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