Which Dedicated or Shared Option is Best for You?

LuxSci recommends Business Class servers as the best combination of price and performance and Enterprise Servers to maximize reliability and security. Server clusters and installs in other data centers throughout the world are also available -- contact Sales for more information.

Starting price
$10/mo $20/mo $100/mo $400/mo
Minimum contract term
1 month 1 month 2 months 2 months
Server type
Single Server Redundant Cluster Single Server Redundant Cluster
Single Server / Public Cloud
Dedicated public cloud servers at the RackSpace. These are located in Dallas, Texas. Dedicated Public Cloud servers can be located elsewhere if you desire.
Redundant Cluster / Private Cloud
Enterprise Class Dedicated cloud servers on LuxSci's dedicated server hardware at RackSpace in Dallas, Texas. The LuxSci private cloud hardware is dedicated to LuxSci customers only and provides for keeping the cloud servers up and running even in the case of hardware failure on one of the underlying hypervisor servers (using VMWare vMotion).
Service level agreement: SLA
99.99% 99.99% 100% 100%

LuxSci guarantees that our shared services will be available to you at least 99.99% of the time. This means no more than 5 minutes per month of unscheduled downtime! If we do not meet this agreement, we give YOU money back.

Dedicated server customers receive an even stronger SLA with a 100% network uptime promise, 100% infrastructure uptime promise, and a very fast hardware replacement guarantee.

Shared: Business Class
99.99% SLA with 5% credit back in the 1st tier of SLA violation. Read SLA
Shared: Enterprise Class
99.99% SLA with 10% credit back in the 1st tier of SLA violation (and 2x as much back on every tier compared to Business Class). Read SLA
Dedicated: Business Class
100% network uptime, 100% infrastructure uptime, 1 hour hardware replacement guarantee. 3 hour guarantee for forced movement of server to a new underlying hypervisor in the event of serious underlying hardware degradation. Read SLA
Dedicated: Enterprise Class
100% network uptime, 100% infrastructure uptime. Redundant underlying hardware means that hardware replacement and forced server migration downtime do not apply to this type of server. Read SLA
HIPAA compliance available?
Full-disk encryption?
Enterprise Class Dedicated Servers and Shared Servers
All disks (operating system and data) are encrypted at the storage array level. This protects if the disks are somehow stolen and when the disks are decommissioned.
Business Class Dedicated Servers
The default "included" system disk on Business Class Servers cannot be encrypted. To have full-disk encryption, you need to order more than the "included" disk space (so that you get a separate data drive) and request that the data drive be encrypted. This option protects the data should the underlying media be stolen from the data center, when the underlying storage is reused or decommissioned, and should the media be somehow accessed from a location outside of your running server.

Full-disk encryption does really affect the performance of the drive (it will be marginally slower than otherwise) and it does not protect the data from access via users or processes running in the server itself (e.g. malicious software injected into your web site or a malicious hacker that has penetrated your server).

Most security & privacy

All of our dedicated solutions are true isolated environments so that no other LuxSci customers will have access to your servers for their services.

We also offer premium dedicated physical servers for customers who require dedicated hardware. Please contact sales for pricing information.

Ultra-reliable: Proof against hardware failure

LuxSci's Premium servers employ "VMWare vMotion" to ensure that servers will remain up and running in the event of the failure of underlying hardware components in the hypervisor (e.g. failed CPU, power supply, RAM, motherboard, etc). Additionally, network connections, hardware firewalls, and connections to central storage arrays are all redundant.

If the hardware fails -- we'll know and we'll fix it, but no one else will be the wiser.

Better for: small accounts
Better for: 100s or 1000s of users
Better for: lots of disk space
Better for: lots of memory
Maximum Users
250 250 10,000 10,000
Aggregate disk space included
50 GB 25 GB 10-150 GB 10-150 GB
More disk space: per 10 GB/mo
$7.50 $10.00 $7.50 $10.00
Maximum aggregate disk space
500 GB 500 GB 10,000 GB unlimited
Backups included?
** **

Backups for dedicated servers that have more than 500 GB of disk space are not included in the upgrade price of the disk space -- a custom quote will be provided for your specific large-storage backup and retention needs.

Web & database hosting
Custom backup schedules?
SSH access (non-root)

Non-root ssh access for web/ftp hosting customers is available with dedicated servers only.

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