Why choose a Dedicated Server?

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FAQs: Perhaps you were wondering...?

LuxSci dedicated servers are virtual machines running 64-bit CentOS Linux. Windows-based virtual servers are not available.

LuxSci dedicated servers can be used for email hosting (with access via WebMail, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and ActiveSync), web hosting and MySQL database hosting, email marketing, SecureForm processing, dedicated inbound email filtering, and dedicated WebMail.

By default, LuxSci is currently installing CentOS 7, Apache 2.4, MariaDB v10.2, and PHP v7.3 on new dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers can be HIPAA compliant. In addition to signing a BAA with you, LuxSci:

See more about LuxSci Security and Privacy Features.

There are many ways to access and interact with your data on your dedicated server:

  • Email access is available via WebMail, POP, IMAP, SMTP, and optionally ActiveSync.
  • File system access is available via SFTP and our web-based FileManager.
  • Shell access via SSH is available upon request; however, root-level access is not available to customers.
  • MySQL access is available directly from applications running on the server, from our Web-based database manager tool, and remotely over stunnel- or VPN-secured connections.

LuxSci automatically backs up the data on dedicated server for you. We make 7 daily snapshots kept in the same data center and 4 weekly snapshots kept in a geographically remote data center. We can restore individual files to the whole server from these backups, if necessary.

LuxSci can provide custom backup schedules and retention periods if required. There may be an additional fee for custom backups.

Upgrades and downgrades are simple. In many cases we can resize your server quickly and without any special fee.

RackSpace Business Class servers (used primarily for large-scale email solutions) do require 30-60 minutes of downtime to upgrade and can not be downgraded without a migration to a new server and IP address.

Yes, you can have cron jobs. These will be enabled for you by LuxSci technical support.


Business Class Servers

  • Minimum 2-month term.
  • Normal cancellation policy
  • 30-day refund policy includes the business-class dedicated server.

Enterprise Class Servers

  • Minimum 2-month term.
  • 30-day notice required for cancellation
  • 30-day refund policy does not include the enterprise-class dedicated server fees.

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As a dentist, I'm glad I found LuxSci to walk me through the process of becoming HIPAA-compliant! Once I signed up, Connie and Peter both helped me setup get situated with my secure email service. Getting my Business Associate Agreement also a snap. Thank you LuxSci. Now I can concentrate on treating patients!"

Allen Job . All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry