LuxSci recommends Business Class servers as the best combination of price, performance, and reliability. Ultra-reliable Enterprise Class servers and clusters are also available.

See: Enterprise vs Business Class.

  Business Class Servers Enterprise Class Servers
Starting Price
$60/mo $400/mo
Setup fee
$100 one time $300 one time
Server ready in
1-3 bus. days 0-7 bus. days*
Enterprise-class servers take more time to prepare. LuxSci keeps a number of these pre-configured and ready for finalization for new customers. If any of these are ready, then servers will be ready in 0-2 days. If we have had a significant influx of enterprise-class server orders, then we may be backlogged in server setup. In that case, it could take up to 7 business days. Ask your Sales rep about our current provisioning time line.
Disk Subsystem: Fast & Redundant
Disk Space Upgrades
$0.20-$0.40/mo per GB $0.40/mo per GB
  • Rackspace Business Class Servers: $0.40/GB/mo
  • AWS Business Class Servers: $0.20/GB/mo
Full-disk encryption?
Enterprise Class Servers
All disks (operating system and data) are encrypted at the storage-array level. This protects if the disks are somehow stolen and when the disks are decommissioned.
Enterprise Class Servers: Amazon
All disks (operating system and data) are encrypted at the storage-array level. This protects if the disks are somehow stolen and when the disks are decommissioned.
*Business Class Servers: RackSpace
The default "included" system disk on Business Class Servers cannot be encrypted. To have full-disk encryption, you need to order more than the "included" disk space (so that you get a separate data drive) and request that the data drive be encrypted. This option protects the data should the underlying media be stolen from the data center, when the underlying storage is reused or decommissioned, and should the media be somehow accessed from a location outside of your running server.

Full-disk encryption does really affect the performance of the drive (it will be marginally slower than otherwise) and it does not protect the data from access via users or processes running in the server itself (e.g. malicious software injected into your web site or a malicious hacker that has penetrated your server).

No risk: 30-day refund policy?
Minimum Contract Term
1 month 2 months
Redundant HA Hardware Firewalls
Rackspace Business Class servers use redundant HA hardware firewalls. Business Class servers at AWS use virtualized firewalls ("Security Groups").
Virtualized Firewalls

Server Options

LuxSci offers four standard levels of Dedicated Servers in both the Business and Enterprise Classes. You can choose the one right for your size, needs, and budget. More powerful servers and clusters are also available: contact Sales for details.

Business Class Servers

Amazon Web Services Public Cloud

Server Type Code CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included Price
Micro A/1/1 1 Core 1 GB 70 Mbps 25 GB 200 GB/mo $60/mo
Small A/1/2 1 Core 2 GB 125 Mbps 50 GB 400 GB/mo $100/mo
Medium A/2/4 2 Cores 4 GB 250 Mbps 100 GB 600 GB/mo $200/mo
Large A/2/8 2 Cores 8 GB 400 Mbps 100 GB 800 GB/mo $300/mo
X-Large A/4/16 4 Cores 16 GB 700 Mbps 100 GB 1 TB/mo $500/mo
2X-Large A/8/32 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 1.2 TB/mo $800/mo
4X-Large A/16/64 16 Cores 64 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 1.2 TB/mo $1350/mo

Rackspace Public Cloud: Used primarily for large-scale email solutions (i.e., smart hosting and high volume sending).

Server Type Code CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included Price
Micro R/1/1 1 Core 1 GB 80 Mbps 10 GB 2 TB/mo $100/mo
Medium-2G R/2/2 2 Cores 2 GB 160 Mbps 30 GB 2 TB/mo $200/mo
X-Large-4G R/4/4 4 Cores 4 GB 320 Mbps 70 GB 2 TB/mo $350/mo
2X-Large-8G R/8/8 8 Cores 8 GB 640 Mbps 150 GB 2 TB/mo $550/mo

Enterprise Class Servers

Private VMWare Cluster and SAN at RackSpace

Server Type Code CPU RAM Max Network Speed Disk Included Bandwidth Included Price
Small E/1/2 1 Core 2 GB 1 Gbps 25 GB 10 TB/mo $400/mo
Medium-1C E/1/4 1 Core 4 GB 1 Gbps 50 GB 10 TB/mo $450/mo
Large E/2/8 2 Cores 8 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $550/mo
X-Large E/4/16 4 Cores 16 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $750/mo
2X-Large E/8/32 8 Cores 32 GB 1 Gbps 100 GB 10 TB/mo $1,200/mo

Compare Business vs. Enterprise

Other server sizes (e.g. very large memory) are available for as special orders. Additional disk space is an upgrade.

The prices listed above are the entry prices for web hosting with each type of server. Adding other services such as TLS certificates, VPN, SecureForm, Domain Registration, and Email services will add to the overall price.

Choosing the Server Size

What server size is best for you? You can use the table, below, to see what works particular needs. If you want to do multiple things (e.g. 50 power email users plus a low traffic web site), we recommend going up to the next size as the "minimum" recommended for just one of these may have degraded performance when you do two or more. If you just want better performance or room to grow quickly and easily, choose a larger size. We can also re-size your server later you need more power.

Note: Any database-driven web site (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, etc.) must be on a server with at least 2 GB of memory. A "Micro" server just does not have enough memory.

Based on number of users for business email

Note that these levels are only guidelines. Actual needs will be based on your how actively your users actually use the system.

  Micro Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large
Up to 50 Users
Up to 500 Users
Up to 1,000 Users
Up to 2,000 Users
Up to 4,000 Users
4000+ Users

For dedicated web site & MySQL database hosting

  2+ GB Ram 2+ Cores 4+ Cores
Anti-virus scanning
Very low traffic/static
Dedicated WebMail
Dedicated SecureFormTM Processing
Moderate traffic
Low traffic and compute intensive
High traffic
Moderate traffic and compute intensive

It is always refreshing to work with a company that values customer service and LuxSci has repeatedly demonstrated this! For our Secure Forms, each and every time we have a question, issue or modification needed, LuxSci's technical and sales personnel are quick to assist, communicate and most important, resolve our issues! I will continue to use LuxSci and will not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues and friends!"

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