LuxSci recommends Business Class servers as the best combination of price, performance, and reliability. Ultra-reliable Enterprise Class servers are also available.

See: Enterprise vs Business Class.

  Business Class Servers Enterprise Class Servers
Starting Price (Performance x1)
$100/mo $375/mo
Setup fee (any flavor)
$100 one time $300 one time
Server ready in
1-3 bus. days 0-7 bus. days*
Enterprise-class servers take more time to prepare. LuxSci keeps a number of these pre-configured and ready for finalization for new customers. If any of these are ready, then servers will be ready in 0-2 days. If we have had a significant influx of enterprise-class server orders, then we may be backlogged in server setup. In that case, it could take up to 7 business days. Ask your Sales rep about our current provisioning time line.
Disk Subsystem: Fast & Redundant
Disk Space Upgrades
$7.50/mo per 10GB $10.00/mo per 10GB
Full-disk encryption?
Enterprise Class Servers
All disks (operating system and data) are encrypted at the storage array level. This protects if the disks are somehow stolen and when the disks are decommissioned.
Business Class Servers
The default "included" system disk on Business Class Servers cannot be encrypted. To have full-disk encryption, you need to order more than the "included" disk space (so that you get a separate data drive) and request that the data drive be encrypted. This option protects the data should the underlying media be stolen from the data center, when the underlying storage is reused or decommissioned, and should the media be somehow accessed from a location outside of your running server.

Full-disk encryption does really affect the performance of the drive (it will be marginally slower than otherwise) and it does not protect the data from access via users or processes running in the server itself (e.g. malicious software injected into your web site or a malicious hacker that has penetrated your server).

No risk: 30-day refund policy?
Minimum Contract Term
1 month 2 months

Compare Server Performance Level Choices

LuxSci offers four standard levels of Dedicated Servers in both the Business and Enterprise Classes. You can choose the one right for your size, needs, and budget. More powerful servers and clusters are also available ... contact Sales for details.

  Performance x1 Performance x2 Performance x4 Performance x8
Entry Level Recommended High Performance Turbo Performance
Disk Space Included
10G 30G 70G 150G
Relative Power
100% 200% 400% 800%
Business Class: CPU/Memory
1 CPU / 1 GB 2 CPU / 2GB 4 CPU / 4GB 8 CPU / 8GB
Business Class: Price
$100/mo $200/mo $350/mo $550/mo
Enterprise Class: CPU/Memory
1 CPU/ 4 GB 2 CPU / 8 GB 4 CPU / 16 GB 8 CPU / 32 GB
Enterprise Class: Price
$375/mo $500/mo $725/mo $1175/mo

Business vs. Enterprise

With a Dedicated Server, you have to purchase one or more "users." The price for a user starts at $1/mo and varies based on which service bundle is chosen. The "starting price" for a dedicated server assumes the purchase of one user for $1/mo.

Choosing the Performance Level

What Performance Level is best for you? You can use the table, below, to see what Performance Levels work for what particular needs. If you want to do multiple things (e.g. 50 power email users plus a low traffic web site), we recommend going up to the next size Performance Level (Performance x2 in this example) as the "minimum" recommended for just one of these may have degraded performance when you do two or more. If you just want better performance or room to grow quickly and easily, choose a larger Performance Level.

Based on number of users for business email

  Performance x1 Performance x2 Performance x4 Performance x8
Up to 50 Users
Up to 1,000 Users
Up to 5,000 Users
Up to 10,000 Users

For dedicated web site & MySQL database hosting

  1 GB Ram 2+ GB Ram Performance x4 Performance x8
Anti-virus scanning
Very low traffic/static
MySQL databases
Moderate traffic
High traffic
Low traffic and compute intensive
Moderate traffic and compute intensive

For SecureForm processing or WebMail running on your own server

  1 GB Ram 2+ GB Ram Performance x4 Performance x8

For dedicated inbound email filtering and processing

  1 GB Ram 2GB+ Ram Performance x4 Performance x8
Low email traffic
Medium email traffic
High email traffic

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