Comparison of what you can do with just email hosting (e.g. POP, IMAP, and SMTP) vs. email hosting plus MobileSync.


Feature Email Email+MobileSync
Check email
Send Email
Address book, Calendar, Task, and Notes synchrnoization
Notes synchronization needs to be supported by the mobile device. Currently, this includes iOS7+ (e.g. iPhone and iPad) and Blackberry 10+.
Push email updates
Without Push Email, email is checked manually, or polled or performed using IMAP IDLE (if supported by the device supports). These methods can drain battery-life much faster. It often updates your device more slowly than push.

Device Support

Feature Email Email+MobileSync
Outlook v2013 - v2016 revision 1707 for Windows

IMAP for email access is best suited for Outlook 2013+. MobileSync of email is not supported in Outlook due to bugs in Outlook; however, MobileSync can synchronize your calendars, contacts, and tasks.

As of Outlook 2016 revision 1708, Microsoft has removed Exchange ActiveSync support from Outlook, and so it is no longer possible to configure it with new accounts that use with MobileSync. If you upgrade from an older version of Outlook, your MobileSync configuration will continue to work.

Apple iOS: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
BlackBerry v10+ (natively)
BlackBerry old versions (with the purchase of a separate App)
Windows Mobile
Palm Pre/Pixi, Nokie, N900
Any Device with Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support


Feature Email Email+MobileSync
HIPAA-compliant? available
Remote Wipe
Without MobileSync, you can still setup remote wipe using a Google App (on Android) or Apple iCloud (on iOS).
Non-Blackberry HIPAA-Secure Outbound Email?
BlackBerry HIPAA-Secure Outbound Email?
SSL/TLS for Email Transport?
SSL/TLS for Calendar/Contact/Task Data Transport?

Speed and Synchronization

Feature Email Email+MobileSync
Battery Life maximized
Unlimited devices?
Shared account usage OK as long as the sharees are themselves licensed users.
Synchronize multiple accounts to the same device (if supported by device)
Real-time push updates for calendars, task lists, and address books
Real-time, two-way synchronization of calendars, task lists, notes, and address books?
Synchronization of any number of calendars, task lists, notes, and address books?
Multi-user access to shared calendars, task lists, and address books?
New email to phone within 1 minute of arrival
Access to all email folders?
Can poll for new email or check manually if Push is not desired.
Check email without using IMAP or POP on your mobile device?
Send email without using SMTP on your mobile device?
Customizable From Name/Address for sent email?
From Name/Address for sent email can dynamically match the To address?
Sending messages is subject to your account's normal daily and monthly limits on messages, recipients, and bandwidth usage.


Feature included

Feature not available.

Maybe. Depends on the exact features present in your mobile device's email program.

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