How Does Mobile Sync Work?

How Mobile Synchronization Works
  1. Setup Exchange ActiveSync Account: You configure an "Exchange" account on your mobile device to connect to "".
  2. Initial Data Download: Your device downloads information to be synchronized:
    • Email
    • Address Books
    • Calendars
    • Task Lists (if your device supports this)
    • Notes (if your device supports this)
  3. Updates Pushed To You: Mobile Sync detects new email or changes to Contacts, Calendars, Notes, and Tasks, and "Push" those changes to your mobile device in real time ... so you see the new information almost immediately and without any action on your part.
  4. Optional non-Push Updates: Alternately, you can configure your device to get changes on demand or periodically, if having the data "Pushed" is not desired (i.e. if you get a LOT of email, getting notices all the time may get annoying!)
  5. Your Changes Saved Immediately: Any changes that you make in your mobile device are automatically and immediately synchronized with the server so that others accessing that data will see your changes right away, and so your changes are saved outside of your device.

    That is it! Pretty simple.

How is Push Email Different Than IMAP+SMTP?

With Push Email and Mobile Sync:

  • You receive new email message notification faster than with IMAP.
  • Push Email is more battery friendly than IMAP.

Mobile Sync eliminates some problems that exist with Regular SMTP.

  • Regular SMTP for outbound email is subject to being blocked by ISPs and configuration of alternate SMTP ports may be difficult. These issues are eliminated by using outbound email though Mobile Sync.

In short, Mobile Sync provides the same functionality of IMAP+SMTP with:

  • Easier configuration
  • Longer battery life
  • Faster service
  • Less chance of ISP or firewall issues

What is Remote Wipe?

Remote Wipe (through the Mobile Sync connection) allows you to erase all data on your mobile device remotely. This helps users handle/delete sensitive data in the event your device is stolen or lost.

How Remote Wipe Works: There are parameters to successfully operate Remote Wipe. A device must be on, connected to the Internet, and configured to use Mobile Sync in order to initiate the Wiping process by a pushed command from the Mobile Sync service. The Wipe command will not be received if Mobile Sync is not in communication with the device.

We recommend that you use a Lock Code or Password on your mobile device as a safety measure and general good security practice, This prohibits a thief from immediately disabling its Internet connection or deleting its Mobile sync configuration. We also recommend enabling Push on your device. If Push is not enabled, the Wipe command won't be sent until the device next performs a Sync operation (which may be many minutes later or never, if the device is configured for manual sync).

What about IMAP IDLE?

IMAP IDLE is another way to get push-like updates for email when using an IMAP connection and a device that supports IDLE. Generally speaking:

  • IDLE will use more battery than MobileSync
  • Not all devices support IDLE (e.g. iPhone, iPad, and iTouch)
  • IDLE, if available, can give you the same speed for notifications of new email messages that MobileSync provides. IDLE will never be faster than Mobile Sync. The actual speed difference, if any, will be device-specific.

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