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iPhoneX: How secure is facial recognition?

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

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Technology Security: The Game Changer for All Business

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

In today’s reality, nation-states and their criminal partners can disrupt commerce and defenses in the free world from the safety and comfort of their computer desks. Their prime targets are not top-secret space weapons but everyday businesses and business systems, and healthcare organizations are just as vulnerable as any other industry. Hospitals, smaller providers, health plans, and business associates can all become targets of cyber-espionage, so it is up to every business decision-maker to understand the threats.

Cyber warriors target small and mid-sized businesses

Cyber-espionage against businesses is safer, easier and often more effective than targeting governments. Industrialized nations compete for world dominance in economic markets, so cyber-espionage is being used against businesses to gain competitive advantage.

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How Come You Can Buy Groceries from Your Fridge, but You Can’t Vote on Your Computer?

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Technology sure has come a long way. The rise of computers and the internet has meant that we can conduct so much of our lives online. With Wi-Fi or mobile data, you can work on your laptop by the beach, do the weekly shopping on your phone and even find the life partner of your dreams through an app. One task that is notably absent is voting.

It seems like online voting would be a great idea. You could participate in democracy from the comfort of your couch, rather than having to march all the way down to the polling booth. Many believe that it would increase voter turnout as well, resulting in a more engaged democracy.

Some countries have dipped their toes in the waters of online voting and Estonia has cannonballedĀ  in, but why don’t we do it in the US? While it may seem like a relatively straightforward process, online voting presents a range of technological and security challenges that the US isn’t quite ready to deal with.Online Voting

When you consider how important elections are, as well as how willing other nations are to influence elections, it is best to tread cautiously with online voting. After last years attacks on our election, it has become evident just how vulnerable the voting process is. While online voting may certainly be viable in the future, there are several obstacles that we need to traverse beforehand.

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3 Things You Can Do Now to Protect Against the Latest Hacker Attacks

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

It seems like major hacks are always in the news. Whether it is the vicious WannaCry ransomware that swept across the world or the constant stories about Russian hacks, we are being bombarded by increasingly devastating online threats. If you want to help prevent your organization from becoming the next in a long line of victims, you really need to start paying attention to your cyber security efforts.

A solid defense requires a comprehensive security policy that measures your assets against their risks and adapts as these things change. While an overall plan is important, there are several things you can do right now to bolster your security and help prevent the latest attacks:

Hacking Protection

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Why Should You Bother with Information Security? Isn’t Everything Hackable Anyway?

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

With the ever-increasing flow of large-scale hacks, many seem resigned to the fact that its only a matter of time before they get hit too. Security and its challenges have fully penetrated mainstream thought. Everyone knows that the CIA, the FBI, Russia, and even the hacker next door can break into your computer or phone, hijack your router, intercept your traffic, and take over your life.

In response, there has been a huge cry for better training, more secure software, secure email and secure texting. Basically, security everywhere. But if the hackers and agencies are really this powerful, why should you bother?


Are security services and products worth anything these days? Do they actually provide any protection? Or are they the emperor’s new bullet-proof-vest? It is surprising how many people have come to accept a complete lack of security. Some seem to use this as an excuse to avoid technologies that could benefit both their personal and business lives.

A great example comes from a dentist who was interested in sending notices to his patients via text, but resigned himself to “not bothering” as there is “no way to secure these things, anyway.” While that may be true in an absolute sense, it is not true practically.

In this article we will examine the reasons why we should bother with security and how it can help us in our personal and business lives.

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