Server Environments

LuxSci offers two different server environments for shared and dedicated customers. These are "Business Class" and "Enterprise Class" and they balance price, reliability, and performance needs.

Business Class

What are they? Business Class servers are virtual machines in the public cloud. They are inexpensive, commodity virtual servers which share their host machine (hypervisor) with virtual servers owned by other companies unrelated to LuxSci.

What are their characteristics? These servers reside on a single host machine which is not redundant. I.e., if there is a hardware issue on the host, then the business class server will be "down" until that hardware issue is resolved. These servers use very fast SSD storage in RAID 10 for high disk-level redundancy.

Why use one? Business class servers are ideal if your goal is to minimize the cost of the server or service, or use multiple servers for redundancy.

Enterprise Class

What are they? Enterprise Class servers are virtual machines in a LuxSci private cloud hosted by RackSpace, behind LuxSci's redundant hardware firewalls and using LuxSci's premium server IP address space. This private cloud is a cluster of host servers which are all linked together (using VMWare and vMotion) to provide a redundant hardware environment which is only for use by LuxSci and its customers.

What are their characteristics? These servers reside on LuxSci's Enterprise cluster which is redundant. I.e. if there is a hardware issue on a host machine, then all of the virtual servers that were using it are immediately rebooted on to another host machine — minimizing any downtime to a matter of seconds.

The disk storage used by these servers is located on a dedicated, private, encrypted storage area network which uses RAID 5, SAS drives for storage, and SSD drives for cache acceleration. This is very fast, very secure, and very redundant.

Why use one? Enterprise class servers are ideal if you want to maximize your security, privacy, and server uptime and are willing to pay a little more for the extra hardware infrastructure that is involved.

Compare Business and Enterprise

Compare Business RS Business AWS Enterprise
RackSpace Amazon RackSpace
  • Business RackSpace: RackSpace public cloud but networked behind LuxSci's dedicated, redundant hardware firewalls and load balancers
  • Business AWS: Amazon Web Services public cloud. However, outbound email is routed through LuxSci servers and IPS in RackSpace to avoid AWS public cloud IP reputation issues.
  • Enterprise RackSpace: Dedicated private VMWare cluster attached to a dedicated SAN at RackSpace.
Server location used for
Bulk email & smart hosting everything else anything
There are two different kinds of business class servers:
  • Business class RackSpace (RS): For dedicated solutions involved in sending large quantities of email such as smart host relaying and premium high volume
  • Business Class AWS: Used for all other dedicated solutions such as web and database hosting, business email services, etc.
HIPAA-compliant accounts permitted?
Redundant hardware firewalls?
Virtual network firewalls?
These refer to AWS "Security Groups".
Private address space (NAT) and secure networking?
Unless you order a Business Class server outside of the USA.
Premium IP address space
Public cloud IP addresses are often grey-listed and not good for sending email reliably. All of LuxSci's IPs (unless you request a Business Class Server outside of the USA) are solid and not in the tainted public cloud space. Email from Amazon servers is routed out through premium IP addresses.
Storage system
Encrypted Storage (disk-level encryption)
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Good Good Excellent
Ultra-reliable: proof against hardware failure?
Host server (hypervisor) dedicated to LuxSci?

Business vs. Enterprise: Dedicated Services

Compare Business Enterprise
Server price starts at
$60/mo call sales
Minimum RAM
1 GB 2 GB
Disk Space upgrade increments
100 GB blocks 50 GB blocks
Disk Space upgrade cost
+$0.20/GB +$0.40/GB
Server setup fee
$100 call sales

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