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Misleading – “Request for transfer of domain” messages from Domain Registry Of America

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We’ve received reports recently that many of our customers have been getting emails from Domain Registry of America saying that the transfer of their domain “not complete at this time”. These emails are very misleading and are made to look legitimate.  This is basically a scam to get domain owners to transfer the registration of their domains over to Domain Registry of America.  This type of marketing is called domain slamming.

In 2003,  The Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America brought charges against DROA in regards to this type of practice. DROA was ordered by the FTC not make misrepresentations after telling consumers that their domain registrations were expiring, leading many consumers to switch their domain name registrar. They appear to be using the same basic concept again but with a slightly altered tactic.

This time instead of snail mailing people they are emailing the domain owners directly with emails that indicate that the “domain transfer is not complete at this time”. This makes it sound as if the actual registrar has initiated a domain transfer request for the domain to Domain Registry of America. This (in the case of LuxSci) is blatantly false. We do not initiate domain registrar transfers unless given explicit instructions by the domains owner.

If you receive these types of email, and not just from DROA, we strongly suggest that you ignore and delete them. They are not legitimate emails from your registrar. Below are some links that were used to verify the statements made in this blog entry.

Domain Registry Of America’s Wikipedia Page

FTC vs Domain Registry of America

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