August 7th, 2009

Access Widgets Anywhere with Hotkeys

LuxSci has enhanced its recently released Widgets with customizable hotkeys.  LuxSci Widgets are little tools that allow specialized access to email, calendars, tasks, support tickets, RSS feeds, blogs, notebooks, and more.  LuxSci Widgets can also host any third-party widget content you want, such as Facebook, weather, games, etc.

Now, with hotkeys, users can configure Widgets to load and display in a small pop-up frame at the push of a simple keyboard shortcut — from any page in their LuxSci account!  This allows quick access to favorite or frequently used features with zero navigation.

As an example, you can press a preset hotkey (such as “Alt-C”) to pull up your calendar while using the WebMail interface to check your mail, take a look at your schedule, and then close it without ever leaving your inbox.  Or, you can configure your “F3” key to pull up your Notepad Widget where you keep track of important ideas while you work.  You update your notes, they are auto-saved, and you close the notepad and continue working.  Easy!

To assign a hotkey to an existing Widget, simply click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Widget and select “Quick Access Hotkey”.  Once you specify your hotkey(s) for that Widget, you can use it to display that Widget dynamically in any page of the LuxSci members’ web site.

All Widgets can have one or more defined hotkeys usable across multiple types of computers or browsers, as different environments may support different sets of keystrokes for hotkeys.

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