August 15th, 2011

Auto-upload web and PDF form post data to your FTP/SFTP site with SecureForm

LuxSci SecureForm service uniquely enables web sites and PDF forms to post their data and files to a secure URL and have that data automatically securely emailed to one or more recipients, uploaded to an S/FTP site, archived in an online collaborative WebAides file storage space, and/or saved to a MySQL database.  With a few clicks and minimal changes to existing forms, customers can have sophisticated and secure forwarding, processing, and storage of their form posts, including re-filling the posted data into template PDF, html, xml, and other files.

Upload Web and PDF form post data to an FTP/SFTP site

Customers have frequently requested the ability to have their form post data automatically uploaded to an FTP or SFTP (FTP over SSH) server of their choosing.   Now, with LuxSci SecureForm, this is quick and easy to do!

Simply configure your Basic or Premium SecureForm with

  • Choice of FTP or SFTP protocol (SFTP is required if your form is to be “Secure”)
  • FTP/SFTP server host name
  • FTP/SFTP username and password
  • Optional subdirectory on that server wherein to save the uploaded data
  • What form data should be uploaded
  • Method of saving the uploaded data

You can choose what form data should be uploaded (in addition to any uploaded files).  You can choose from any combination of:

  • Plain text digest of fields and values
  • CSV (Excel)  file
  • Re-filled template file
  • Re-filled PDF file (from a PDF or web form)
  • Submitted PDF file (from a PDF form)
  • Submitted FDF file (from a PDF form)

Next, you can choose how the data should be uploaded.  You can select from:

  • Direct: Upload all files to the same location, adding a unique timestamp-based ID to the end of each file name to make all of the files distinct.
  • Zip file: Consolidate all of the files into a single “Zip” archive and upload that.  The Zip archive’s name will include a unique timestamp/id so that multiple concurrent posts and uploads are distinct and sortable.
  • Sub directory: Create a subdirectory in your FTP/SFTP site for each post (named uniquely based on the date, time, and other factors) and upload all files into that new location.

FTP/SFTP uploads can be combined with email delivery, MySQL storage, and collaborative online WebAides documents storage to enable you to capture and access your data in any required format and to retain archival copies of all posts.

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