October 17th, 2004

Calendar and Tasks WebAides Updates

LuxSci announces some features for Calendars and Tasks:

  • Import & Export: You can now import and export calendars and tasks as CSV files. Our import/export wizards allow you to import/export from/to any software supporting CSV files and is preconfigured to make import/export from/to Microsoft Outlook a snap.
  • New Preferences: We have added several user-level preferences to simplify use of Calendars and Tasks. These include:
    • Choose if you see the 1-day, 5-day, full week, or full month view of your calendars by default.
    • Choose what calendar or task items are shown by default: all items, only those assigned to you, or only your private items.
    • Choose if the tasks interface should, by default, show all open tasks, or only those overdue and due today.
  • New Welcome Page Format: We have revised the “Welcome Page”, the page you see when you login to LuxSci, to integrate your Calendars, Tasks, Email, status, and important links into a simple, highly-customizable, interface to your important and often-used data.
  • Calendar Recurrence: Calendar recurrence has been updated to allow you to edit and delete individual entries in a recurrence pattern. This makes it easy to modify or remove individual events without needing to edit the remaining recurrent entries or recurrence pattern itself.

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