January 24th, 2009

Collaboration: New Improved Document Management

LuxSci has re-written its web-based document management interface from the ground up to provide users with a fast, modern, featureful experience.  The WebAides Documents’ user interface now matches that of WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, and Tasks. Additionally, some new components have been added to make it very easy to upload and download large numbers of files to the Documents WebAides.

Exciting Feature Updates

  • Slick UI: New, Fast, AJAX-enabled User Interface that matches our existing interfaces for WebMail, Address Books, Calendars, and Task in AJAX-based Web 2.0 speed, data caching, security, and usability.
  • Easy Bulk Upload: A new JAVA-applet can be optionally used to upload up to 100 files at once from your computer and assign all the same tags and descriptive notes shared by other WebAides.  With this tool, you can either drag and drop files from your computer or browser or select files from your drives using a file management interface.  You no longer have to click and select each file individually!  The easy bulk upload works with all of our supported browsers on all operating systems.
  • Easy Bulk Download: Another JAVA-applet that has been added makes it very easy to upload and download multiple files at once from WebAide Documents.  Users can download all files from their document lists without having to click on each one individually to select.  You can drag and drop files into your folders, or select a folder and let them all be auto-saved there.  With this tool, users in any of our supported web browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome) with JAVA installed can save hundreds of files at once with little effort.

    The bulk download works hand in hand with our basic and advanced search functions — it can also download all of your search results at once.

  • Easy Encryption: LuxSci’s Document storage tools have always allowed users to optionally and seamlessly encrypt their files using PGP for increased security. LuxSci’s staff cannot access documents stored in this way. The incorporated PGP encryption features have been revised so that:
    • You can bulk upload files and have them all automatically encrypted for you.
    • You can bulk export files that are stored encrypted.
    • Smart use of AJAX has greatly reduced the effort involved in encrypting files and in opening encrypted files.  We have removed most of the work and "clicks" that were previously needed, making use of encryption with your files a "breeze".

Other Significant Changes to Document Management

The other major changes that come along with these user interface enhancements include:

  • Customizable Views: The Documents list view is fully customizable by the user.  The user can specify the display order, relative size of columns, and which columns are displayed.  This can all be done via the mouse in a visual way (i.e. by dragging and dropping).
  • Caching: Document information is remembered in your browser so that it is fast to revisit your Document lists.  We use browser-storage for this, when available, and the browser download cache, when not.
  • Searching and sorting of file "meta" information like title, notes, comments, file names, etc. (the content of the files themselves is not searchable) happens in the web browser and is instantaneous.
  • Drag and Drop: Files can be dragged and dropped to copy or move them to other Document sets.
  • Copy and Move: New commands allow users to copy or move selected files to a new or existing Document set.
  • Consolidated Views: Users can view the files from any arbitrary set of Documents at the same time by selecting multiple items from the tree of available Document sets.
  • Color Coding: Files are color-coded (and searchable) based on the tag(s) that apply to them.
  • Replace File: The file editing window, where you can change tags, notes, and the file title, now allows you to replace the file itself with a new one that you can upload directly.  Previously, the user had to delete the entry itself (and all comments and tags and such) and add a new one if you wanted to "update" the file itself.
  • Hot Keys: The Document list interface has added "hot keys" to make it faster to execute certain commands.
  • Cross-Browser: The user interface, like the rest of WebMail, works in FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome.
  • Subscribe: Users can subscribe to and unsubscribe from Document sets directly from the main interface.
  • Comment on Entries: Adding comments to files is simple.  The comments can even contain additional files.  Any number of users can add comments to files (if you give them access in the assignment of permissions).
  • Large Files: File up to 50 MB in size are supported for storage in Documents.
  • Users can quickly edit an entry by double clicking on it.
  • Users can quickly download a file from the list of files by clicking on the file type icon.
  • Printable List View: Generate printer friendly versions of any of your Document sets (sorted and filtered with only the columns you want to see).
  • File type icons have been added to the entry and list views to make clearer the kinds of files displayed (i.e. Microsoft Word, or PDF, or images, etc.).  Users can also quickly download files from the file list by clicking on the file type icon.
  • The notes and comments in encrypted file entries are now automatically decrypted and displayed to you if your encryption password has been used in the same session and you have set your preferences so that it is remembered.  This makes looking through encrypted entries as fast and easy as looking through normal ones.
  • You can now verify the digital signature on PGP-encrypted files by clicking on a verification link. The signature is displayed in an inline pop-up window and includes information as to who encrypted it and when and if content has been altered.
  • You can optionally download the file (or files if the comments contain files too) associated with any WebAide Document entry using the bulk downloading tool.  This allows easily downloading all files at once and displays a progress bar which tracks the download status.
  • The "Clear Cache" command now also delets all cached PGP passwords so that you can quickly "log out" from having the system remember your PGP encryption password without needing to logout from the portal itself.
  • The entry comment creation tool also supports use of the "bulk upload" feature to add many files to the comment at once.
  • For WebAide Documents where you have enabled an "audit trail" that tracks all views, edits, comments, etc., of each entry, that audit trail is now visible as a scrollable inline pop-up window that can be accessed on demand from the entry view page.

Xpress Mobile WebMail Portal Changes

Additionally, the Documents interface in the Xpress portal has been revised to work well on mobile devices such as iPhones.

  • The interface is simplified and very intuitive.
  • Advanced searches, assignment of entries, and tagging are no longer supported in the Xpress interface.
  • The Xpress interface will color-code entries based on existing tags.

All of these new features are available to all existing and new customers of LuxSci who have an Enterprise WebAide license (or who have access to tasks shared with them by other licensed users).

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