October 15th, 2010

Custom Bulk Email Sending Alerts and Usage Reports

LuxSci has added several new SMTP usage analysis tools which are especially useful for customers sending bulk email though our High Volume Outbound Email Service.

Custom SMTP Usage Notices

Account administrators can now have notices sent to end users when they approach their SMTP usage limits for the current day and/or month.

  • Alerts on approaching messages/day, messages/month, recipients/day, recipients/month, bandwidth/day, and bandwidth/month sending limits.
  • Administrators can set a low and high warning threshold in terms of a percentage of the limits.  When a user crosses a warning threshold, s/he is sent an email notice.
  • The default thresholds are 75% and 90% of the limits; but these can be configured and even disabled.
  • Warning thresholds are set account-wide and can also be customized on a per-user basis.
  • Additionally, administrators can customize the email address to which these warnings are sent.

Global SMTP Usage Reports

Account administrators can now download a CSV (Comma Separated Variables / Excel) report of their users’ current and recent SMTP activity and limits.  This report is available in the “Account Administration > Reports > Users” area.  This report includes:

  • Username and ID
  • Daily and monthly SMTP sending limits (messages, recipients, and bandwidth)
  • SMTP usage warning thresholds
  • Usage for the current day (messages, recipients, bandwidth)
  • Usage for the current month (messages, recipients, bandwidth)
  • Usage for the current previous day (messages, recipients, bandwidth)
  • Usage for the current previous month (messages, recipients, bandwidth)

This report makes it easy for account administrators to see which users are close to their limits, who is getting warning notices, etc.

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