December 17th, 2005

Custom Email Filtering Tool Enhancements

The LuxSci custom email filtering tool, available to all users, has been enhanced with two new features:

  • A new “action” has been added that can be used when a filter matches an email message. The “Send notification email to” action works like the “Forward message to” action, except that the subject of the message is prefixed with “[NOTICE; the body and all attachments of the message are removed. This makes the “notification” action ideal for sending very small alert email messages to addresses of your choice based upon specific parameters.
  • SecureLine users who also use the “Automatic Inbound Decryption” feature can determine when the decryption happens with respect to other filters in their account. In particular, this allows SecureLine users of this feature to perform some action on the message before decryption (i.e. such as saving backup copies), and some actions after decryption.

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