May 21st, 2013

Email Alias Management Enhancements

LuxSci has re-tooled its email alias management interface from the ground up to make it faster, more powerful, and more consistent with many of its other administrative interfaces.

Email aliases are addresses in your domain that do not correspond to a physical user, but which may deliver email to one or more addresses or deny email with a custom message.  E.g. “” might not be an actual person — it might just forward email to a few of your employees.  The LuxSci Email Alias Management tools enables administrators to create, edit, and delete these kinds of email flow rules for all email addresses in all domains in their account — Aliases, Domain Catchall Rules, User email forwarding rules, and WebAide User Group mailing list rules — all in once place.

What is new?

There are a large number of changes to this tool, some of these include:

  1. Fast searching, sorting, and paging through AJAX
  2. Improved searching and sorting options
  3. Download CSV files of your search results
  4. Enhanced and simplified new email alias creation
  5. New bulk commands allow you to perform operations on many aliases at once
  6. Simplified deleting and editing of aliases

New Bulk Alias Management Commands

Administrators can now use check boxes in the user interface to select multiple email aliases.  Then, they can choose from any of the new “Bulk Operations” to modify all of the selected aliases at once.  These bulk operations make common distribution list management tasks very easy:

  1. Disable: Turn off all selected aliases
  2. Enable: Turn on all selected aliases
  3. Delete: Delete all selected aliases (that are permitted to be deleted)
  4. Add Recipients: Enter a list of one or more email addresses and have those addresses added to all selected distribution lists (e.g. aliases and other items configured to forward email).  This is akin to subscribing these recipients to all of the selected distribution lists.
  5. Remove Recipients: Enter a list of one or more email addresses and have those addresses removed from all selected distribution lists.  This is like unsubscribing these addresses from any of the selected distribution lists that they may be on.
  6. Replace Recipient: Enter an old email address and a new email address and the old address will be replace with the new address in any selected distribution lists that the old address currently belongs to.  This makes changing people’s email address across your entire set of email rules a snap.

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