July 13th, 2003

Email Auto-Deletion

This new feature will help you manage the size and content of your email folders. In the “Email Folders” tool, you can now enable auto-deletion for any of your email folders.

Message auto-deletion happens nightly and examines all folders that you have enabled for this service, removing all “old” messages. It does this by your choice of either A. by removing old messages until the folder is less than or equal a specified size in megabytes, B. by removing all messages older than a specified number of days, or C. by removing all but the most recent N messages, where you specify N.

Important Note – Messages in your TRASH folder will now be automatically deleted once they are more than 30 days old, although can adjust this timing using the auto-deletion settings in the Email Folders tool. We have instituted this auto-deletion of TRASH to help reduce the disk space used inadvertently by the deletion of messages in WebMail.

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