November 12th, 2008

Exporting your Email and Other Data to CD or DVD

There are many reasons why users or administrators might want to have their email data exported and saved to CD or DVD.  These include:

  • Creation of permanent archives
  • Preserving old email that is no longer actively needed, but which should be kept
  • Obtaining copies of email data for legal proceedings
  • To reduce server disk space usage
  • To migrate data to another provider or an in-house solution

Do it yourself

For clients with access to their email via IMAP, it is fairly easy to export your email yourself.  All you have to do is:

  1. Setup an IMAP account in an email program like Outlook or Thunderbird.
  2. Copy your email folders from the server to the "Local Folders" in your email program. You can usually do this just by dragging and dropping — though it may take a while to copy all of the email if you have a lot stored on the server!
  3. Backup the local folders in your email client.
  4. Burn these folders to CDs or DVDs.

Of course, this kind of export can take some time:

  • Each folder has to be copied individually
  • Each user has to be copied individually
  • Each user’s data has to be backed up separately

If you have a lot of email or users, you may not have the time or inclination to do this yourself.

Let LuxSci do it for you

LuxSci provides a professional service whereby we can export your email for you, save it to Outlook PST, Thunderbird, or EML archives, burn these archived files to CDs or DVDs, and mail the media to you.  We can also export your MySQL data, FTP data, and website files to CDs and DVDs.

The benefits of having LuxSci do it for you:

  • You save yourself a lot of time and perhaps some frustration.
  • You have a third party exporting the data to permanent media so that there is no question of the data being intact and unmodified.

If you are interested in professional data export services from LuxSci, please open a "Support Ticket" in your account indicating what you would like exported and an estimate of the disk space.  The price is $100 per GB of data exported or fraction thereof; this includes the price of the media and non-expedited shipping to you.

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