Standard Shared Hosting: Disk space limits

How do disk space limits work?

All new LuxSci email and web hosting accounts come with a certain amount of disk space included shared among all users. The amount depends on which server environment you select for your account.

Business Class hosting includes 50 GB.

Enterprise Class hosting includes 25 GB.

If this is not enough for you, you can easily upgrade. The current base cost is $10/month for 10 GB increases in the Enterprise Class environment, and $7.50/month for 10 GB increases in the Business Class environment.  See the price list for more details.

Your disk space limit is not a hard limit on your disk usage. Your disk usage is unrestricted, but it is monitored throughout the month, and you are charged based on your peak (maximum) usage during the month. You will be charged $1.00 for each GB that you exceed of your disk space limit each month in the Enterprise Class environment, and $0.75 for each GB that your exceed your disk space limit if you are in the Business Class environment to cover the “Supplemental Disk Space Usage”.  The status of your disk space is given online in the member services area. You can upgrade your disk space limit anytime in the LuxSci member’s web site.

LuxSci supports optional user-level and domain-level disk space limits so that you can manage the amount of disk space used by your users. These disk quotas are “hard” in the sense that if exceeded, affected users lose access to many services: the ability to receive email, SMTP relaying, FTP, etc. These quotas are not “hard” in the sense that it is still possible for a user to exceed his or her quota; however, once the user has done so, it is much more difficult to use more space.