Good mailing list management tips

What are some tips to help ensure I maintain a good mailing list to minimize bounces and maximize delivery?

Good delivery begins with a good list! LuxSci's Acceptable Use Policy requires your lists be 'explicitly opt-in', meaning that your subscribers have specifically requested to receive your email communications. Using purchased lists is strictly against our AUP, and generally results in large numbers of bouncebacks because sold lists of email addresses are often not checked for malformatted and/or non-existant addresses. Sending too many messages to invalid email addresses at a domain, such as, can easily and quickly get you blacklisted.

Additionally, responsible bulk mailing requires timely and efficient responses to unsubscribe and removal requests--our AUP requires all messages have a clear, functioning opt-out mechanism. Along those lines, addresses that bounceback must also be managed and removed promptly from future mailings--LuxSci's free bounce back analysis tool can help you with bounce management. For a more detailed description on good mailing list practices, please see Trend Micro's Mail Abuse Prevention System guidelines: