June 8th, 2012

Faster is Better – LuxSci WebMail

LuxSci’s WebMail provides an incredibly powerful, feature-rich interface to your email and other personal and shared information (e.g. contacts, calendars, tasks, files, and more).  It integrates help, account administration, reporting, and personal control panel features in one place that can be accessed securely from anywhere that you have Internet access.  WebMail even has a simplified and speedy Mobile Mode for mobile device access.

A positive user experience is based on many things,  in addition to lots of great features and a good design, an interface must be responsive and fast.  To this end, LuxSci is continually optimizing its software and interface to provide both speed and usability enhancements based on customer feedback.

In our latest “Faster is Better” set of WeMail Optimizations, we have made significant improvements to the speed of reading email in our WebMail interface:

  • Opening any email message in any folder is now faster
  • Opening email messages in large email folders is now much faster
  • Opening newly arrived email messages in any folder is further optimized.

We have managed to improve the speed across the board and to further optimize the process of reading the newest email messages — the most frequently opened by most people.  As always, further optimizations and improvements will continue to come in the future.

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