March 9th, 2012

High Volume SMTP Resellers: Showcase Your Brand with Private Labeling

Resellers of LuxSci’s High Volume Bulk Emailing service can now benefit from LuxSci’s new Private Labeling features to ensure that their customers only see their corporate brand, and do not see LuxSci or mention of LuxSci’s services or domain names.

As with other white label / branding services that LuxSci offers to other types of accounts,  High Volume Resellers can now extend their own brand to bulk email and achieve a consistency and coherence across their web sites and services offered.

Use a custom domain name for user logins

High Volume accounts come with up to 100 users, included.  Each individual user enables:

  • A separate login for email sending over SMTP
  • A separate login for the Web Interface for reporting
  • Segregation of messages sent for reporting, auditing, and quota assignment purposes

A Reseller can assign separate individual users to each of his/her customers and configure their limits and reports appropriately.

Previously, all of these logins were in the form of email addresses in the “” domain, e.g. “”.

Now, for no additional charge, all High Volume accounts can add domain names to their accounts for the purpose of branding user logins. So, a Reseller (or even a non-reseller) might add the domain “” and then create users such as “” and use these for SMTP authentication and Web Interface access.

Existing users whose logins are in the “” can also be “renamed” to use newly added domains in the User Administration area.

Web Interface Private Labeling for High Volume

LuxSci now offers its Web Interface Private Labeling service as an upgrade for High Volume accounts.   The benefits include:

  • Customize the look and feel of the Web Interface for users who login for access to reports, help, password changes, and account settings.
  • Use custom domain names for Web Interface and outbound SMTP access (including the option for SSL branding).
  • Brand the High Volume “From Address” approval process.

Private Labeling for High Volume is a flat fee of $25/month; SSL branding requires the additional costs of obtaining dedicated IP address(es) and SSL certificate(s).

New customers can order Private Labeling with their High Volume account; existing customers can add it via the “Upgrades” area of their Account Administration section.

Email Header and IP Private Labeling with Dedicated Servers

Dedicated server customers can also choose to have the email headers of all outbound messages “branded” with their domain name and organization. All references to LuxSci and “High Volume” are removed including:

  • Hostname: the server hostname that appears in the mail headers will be your server name (e.g.. “” instead of ours (e.g. ““)
  • Reverse DNS: Anyone looking up the hostname of your server from its IP address will get your custom hostname back, and not a LuxSci server name.
  • Abuse Email: Include your own “Abuse Reporting” email address in the headers instead of ours (though the emails will still be routed to LuxSci).
  • Powered by: Include your own “Powered by” header line in place of our “LuxSci High Volume” header line.

This is available for $100.00/month.  Please request this service from one of our Sales or Support associates. It can also be added to your High Volume server at any time .

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