February 11th, 2010

HIPAA Compliance Seal for your Web Site or Email

LuxSci customers who require HIPAA Compliance to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI) that is stored in or transmitted through their accounts can now display a “HIPAA Compliance Seal” on their web sites or in their email signatures/tag lines/disclaimers.

For example, your compliance seal may look like (click on it to see an example verification page):

How do you get your HIPAA Seal?

  • Sign up for a LuxSci Account
  • Sign and return LuxSci’s HIPAA Business Associate and Account Restriction Agreements
  • Have LuxSci Support review and certify your account as meeting our HIPAA Security Requirements
  • Access HTML for your HIPAA Seal from a special Widget in your LuxSci Account Administration area.

Please contact support if you have any questions.

One Response to “HIPAA Compliance Seal for your Web Site or Email”

  1. HIPAA Email Security, Encrypted Email, Secure Email Communications | LuxSci FYI Says:

    […] In addition to LuxSci itself protecting your ePHI by following the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules as required by the HITECH amendment to HIPAA, LuxSci also provides a clean set of guidelines for using its services that enable your ePHI to be safeguarded.  If you follow these guidelines and sign LuxSci’s Business Associate Agreements, LuxSci will certify your account as HIPAA complaint and give you a HIPAA Compliance Seal. […]

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