November 9th, 2017

HIPAA-compliance Seals Build Trust

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When you’re surfing the web looking for a healthcare provider, looking for a new psychologist, or even buy a product, how do you know who to trust? You look at reviews. You look at the prominence of a site. You also look at trust seals and other things on the site to try to figure out if this site’s legitimate. Face it, these days there’s fraud, there’s malicious content. The web is the wild west. It was the wild west 10 years ago and it seems like it’s getting wilder. Trust is essential, but how do you engender trust on your website for your company?

As you all know, one of the keys to sales is that people buy from people they know, people they like, and people they trust. Those are the three pillars that help make decisions. When people are searching the web, you can have some impact on whether they trust you or not. You can put on trust seals. These are these images on websites that show that third party sites have approved of them in various ways. Studies have shown that without trust, 18% of people will abandon shopping carts and not make purchases because they’re unsure. With trust, you can see 30 to 40% increases in sales. These are just studies, but they have significant and real impacts, bigger than you might expect.

LuxSci has updated its HIPAA seals. These are images that our customers can put on their websites and in their email signatures to indicate that they’re LuxSci customers, and LuxSci has approved and certifies that they’re following all of our rules for proper security to help with their compliance.

Your customers can click on these LuxSci HIPAA seals anytime they want and verify that you’re still following the rules, that you’re still a LuxSci customer, and that we’re still validating that you’re doing everything right. This will help them trust you and this will help you tell everybody that you’re putting your best face forward, following the rules, and that you really care about privacy and security. This will go a long way to ensuring trust and to helping you make sales, and help your customers feel confident about you.

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