August 20th, 2013

HIPAA “Refer a Friend” Promotion Earns You and Friends $50

In light of the “final” HIPAA Omnibus rule, LuxSci has a special promotion for existing customers that refer their friends to LuxSci for new HIPAA accounts.

  1. Get a $50 credit to your existing LuxSci account for each new HIPAA account that you refer after they sign up with LuxSci.
  2. Your friend will also get a $50 credit after their account is set up.

How to Refer Your Friend

When placing any order with LuxSci, there is a box for “Special Setup Instructions”. Have your friend ordering an account with HIPAA compliance specify there that s/he was referred by you.  Have them specify you by name and company, or by your account number.  That’s it!


“Referred by account #297681”


“Referred by Dr. Smith for the HIPAA refer a friend program”

As long as:

  1. We can find your active account in our system based on what your friend writes
  2. Your friend orders an account that includes HIPAA compliance


  1. We will grant your friend a $50 credit shortly after s/he signs up
  2. We will grant you a $50 credit about 30 days after your friend signs up

Additional Terms

  1. Program open to any user in any LuxSci account
  2. The referred account must remain open and active for at least 30 days for you to receive a referral credit
  3. The credit will be applied to the account as a whole 30-60 days after the referred account is opened (e.g. once our 30-day refund policy is up).
  4. Your account must be active with LuxSci at the time the credit is to be granted in order to receive the credit
  5. LuxSci reserves the right to exclude referrals from eligibility in this promotion, at its sole discretion.
  6. Credits are not granted
    1. For referring yourself or your organization
    2. In combination with referrals from LuxSci Affiliates who are seeking affiliate referral commissions.
    3. In combination with other special offers or promotions

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