December 22nd, 2015

Introducing Proofpoint and Sonian to Replace McAfee for Premium Filtering and Archival

McAfee announced several months ago that it is “end-of-lifeing” its Email Filtering and Email Archival services.  These are the services that LuxSci has been reselling for more than 10 years (as one of McAfee’s first resellers in this area) as its Premium Email Filtering and Archival solutions.

After a lot of internal review, LuxSci has chosen to replace McAfee’s services with Email Filtering from Proofpoint and Archival from Sonian.  While McAfee (formerly MXLogic) had its time as the premier service for Filtering and Archival, they have declined over time compared to alternatives.  Both Proofpoint and Sonian are leaders in their respective areas and provide a level of service significantly superior to the disappearing McAfee services.

Beginning in early January of 2016, LuxSci will switch to selling Proofpoint and Sonian as its solutions for Premium Filtering and Archival for all new accounts and for all accounts that do not yet have these services and wish to upgrade.  Starting in January, LuxSci will also begin migrating existing Premium Email Filtering customers who do not also have Archival over to the new Proofpoint solution.  Later, starting March or April, we will begin migrating customers who have Archival as well.

How does Proofpoint differ from McAfee for Premium Filtering?

Analysis has show that Proofpoint is much more accurate than McAfee filtering — stopping more spam with fewer false positives and stopping more phishing-related traffic automatically.  This is in part due to the much larger size of Proofpoint’s client base and their ability to leverage dynamic analysis of all of the data flowing through their systems.

For those interested in some deep-dive comparisons, I refer you to these two good links:

In general, LuxSci has been selling two McAfee packages (Filtering and Filtering with Continuity) and will now be selling two new Proofpoint packages (named “Beginner” and “Business”).  Here are the high-level feature and pricing differences:









Price/user/month $1.50 $2.50 $1.50 $2.50
Spam Filtering yes yes yes yes
Virus and Malware Filtering yes yes yes yes
Content Filtering yes yes yes yes
Attachment Filtering Rules yes yes yes
URL Filtering (Click Protect) yes yes yes
Outbound Filtering yes yes yes
Email Spooling (Continuity) 30 days 30 days 30 days
Emergency Inbox (Continuity) 30 days 24 hours 30 days
Message Instant Replay 30 days


In general, the Proofpoint Business solution is better in all ways than McAfee.  The Beginner solution is also sufficient for customers interested in good filtering and continuity. The Business solution is best for customers interested in maximizing security as well (through advanced attachment and real-time URL filtering).

How does Sonian differ from McAfee for Archival?

Archival products are much simpler than filtering products and the differences between Sonian and McAfee are simple to understand.  Concisely:

  McAfee McAfee Sonian
Price/user/month $1.90 $3.50 $3.50
Retention of Email 1 year 10 years Forever
Amount of Email Storage unlimited unlimited unlimited
Maximum archived message size 50 MB 50 MB 75 MB
Search capability limited limited Extremely advanced
Full content search of 500+ attachments types yes
Saves searches producing automated alerts yes
Hierarchical user roles and access controls yes
Archived message tagging and annotation yes

Essentially, we will now have 1 archival package that has amazing searching and compliance features in a slick portal with unlimited message storage and retention.

How will migration to Proofpoint work?

All existing LuxSci customers with Premium Email Filtering will be migrated to Proofpoint during 2016.  By default, customers will be converted to the Proofpoint package that costs the same as the McAfee package they currently enjoy so that contract pricing does not have to change.  Customers who wish it can select either Beginner or Business explicitly at any time before or after migration.

The migration process:

  1. We will create your account in the Proofpoint system
  2. We will migrate your account from McAfee:
    1. Copying users and aliases
    2. Copying domains
    3. Copying allowed IPs for outbound filtering (as appropriate)
    4. Copying destination servers for email delivery post filtering
    5. Copying User and Domain level Allow and Deny lists
    6. No other settings can be automatically migrated
  3. The DNS MX records for your domains can than be changed so email will start flowing through Proofpoint
  4. Once the DNS changes are complete, the McAfee portal account will be deleted

This process does not require any downtime or interruption in email flow.   Customers that manage their own DNS must update their DNS MX records (they will have a 1-3 week window in which to do this) or else email may be interrupted until the DNS can be changed.

Customers being migrated will be informed via support tickets and phone calls, as appropriate and possible.  We are doing everything we can to ensure that these rolling migrations do not produce any service interruptions for anyone and that everyone has a chance to make any DNS changes needed which are outside of LuxSci’s control.

If you would like to be migrated to Proofpoint before we contact you and let you know its “your turn,” please contact LuxSci support and we can work with you to get that done ASAP (note that accounts with Archival are not being migrated until at least April or May).

How will migration to Sonian work?

McAfee is working on completing bulk email export features.  These are expected to be released by February or March and will make the bulk export of email for import into Sonian fairly straight forward.  The details of this process, the timeframe for moving this data, and other details will be finalized and published in early 2016.

Existing LuxSci Archival customers can choose one of two routes:

  1. Wait until the process is fully ironed out and prepare for migration after March or April, or
  2. If your existing archived email is not important to you, we can delete your McAfee Archives and set you up in Sonian right away just like a new customer.

Questions or Concerns?

McAfee’s announcement really came as a big surprise to everyone … even most of McAfee’s employees.  Neither LuxSci nor any of the other long time partners had any heads up.  LuxSci is working very hard to make sure that change is for the better so that, in the end, everyone has a better, more useful, and more reliable service in place.

If you have any questions at all about the new services, migration, pricing options, or anything else, we would love to talk to you about it.   Please contact support.

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