August 12th, 2013

LuxSci Blog Contest Results

We had many excellent submissions to our contest about what we should write in our LuxSci FYI Blog.  Here we will tell you about some of the most interesting ones and let you know who won and how they can collect their $100 prize.

The Winner

Congratulations! The winner of the $100 prize is Jason Brown on Facebook who requested we write about “Tip’s and Trick’s to dazzle your co-workers and friends”  or “Cool stuff we like“.

Per the rules of Facebook, we cannot notify Jason directly on Facebook, but we can here.  Jason has 90 days to contact LuxSci and let us know how he would like his $100 — as a check sent to a USA/CA address, as a PayPal payment, or as a credit to his LuxSci account, if he has one.  Jason can message us on Facebook, call us at 1-800-441-6612, or email us at the email address “contest AT” (replace the ” AT ” with an actual “@” symbol when you send there) to let us know.

Interesting Requests

Some of the most interesting other requests we had, which we may write about in the future, include:

  1. What is email authentication and how to authenticate emails sent from a domain in LuxSci?
  2. Would love to learn more about how to protect oneself from hackers. For example, I sometimes receive emails that appear to be from family members, but in fact are from strangers. I’m concerned that if I accidentally open one of these, that it will allow someone to gain access to my email account and other information on my computer. Are there ways to view the entire email address of the sender to better identify who sent it? Are there ways to block these types of emails?
  3. The best way to achieve mail redundancy in case of failure upstream (e.g., McAfee issues, or LuxSci issues)
  4. Blog about how some open DNS servers redirect your queries without letting you know they’re doing it.
  5. How to organize your email inbox and move files around. I have over 12 gb now of mail and hundreds of folders. And how to work the email in LuxSci in iPad which doesn’t let you expand folders. My finger gets sore scrolling down the list.
  6. Synchronizing calendars between devices
  7. ITAR and what not to overlook! …ITAR is even tougher than HIPAA as careless users can go to jail!
  8. Why it’s not a good idea to use the email hosting that comes with website hosting.
  9. How you can serve the privacy and security needs of professionals such as attorneys and physicians

Stay tuned as we will have more contests coming your way in the future!

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