May 20th, 2003

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Blogs are massively versatile information storage and collaboration tools. Here are some of the common applications:

  • Diaries: Create private (or shared) diaries or personal journals. This is much like the popular “web logs” or “Blogs”, except that your journal is not visible on the public Internet – you decide who has access!
  • Bulletin Boards: Create “Yahoo! Groups-like” and “Google Groups-like” bulletin boards and determine who has permission to view and/or make entries.
  • File Storage: Create an annotated online file archive.
  • Corporate Documentation: Store corporate documents, information, internal notes, etc. online. You determine who can read the information and who can add to or edit it.
  • Collaborations: Collaborate on documents, projects, specifications, or anything. Create a forum where people may edit or comment on each others contributions, add new categories of thought, etc.
  • Your Custom Blog: You can configure your Blog settings to meet your particular needs in terms of usage, display, and access control.

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