December 31st, 2010

LuxSci Calendars Get a Fresh Look

LuxSci has refreshed the look and feel of its Calendar WebAide user interface, bringing the design of the calendar display up to that which people are now seeing in modern calendar interfaces.

Some of the most notable updates include:

  • Bar Views: Revised “bar views” for day, work week, and week views.  The updated views handle many overlapping events much better by using overlapping, partially transparent bars.  The new bar view looks like what you would see on an iPhone or iPad.
  • Day View: The “day view” has been updated to show both a “list” of the events happening during the date and the “bar view” of those events.  Very easy to see what is going on.
  • New List Views: There is new two-tab toggle at the bottom of the calendar display that allows you to quickly switch between “Visual” and “List” views of your events.  I.e. the “visual” view would be a bar graph or a monthly calendar, the “list” view is a sorted list of the events happening in the same time range. Each view is useful in different circumstances or preferred by different people; now its easy to have both and switch as needed.
  • Custom Work Week: Users can now specify which days should be in their “work weeks”.  Choose any subset of the days of the week for your “work week” view.

Many other small enhancements also contribute to a better look and more usability.  In the coming weeks, LuxSci will be further extending the usability and functionality of both Calendars and Tasks WebAides, in conjunction with our Mobile Sync service.

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