February 2nd, 2015

LuxSci Web Interface Updates in Beta

LuxSci has finished the next in a series of updates to its WebMail and WebAide user interfaces.  The purpose of these updates is to:

  1. Save space by reducing the screen space used for commands and options
  2. Simplify by reducing the clutter and visual overload of available options, such that only the most commonly used commands are present
  3. Simplify by visually disabling options that are not currently available (e.g. delete when nothing is selected to delete)
  4. Enable the above simplifications without taking away any available features … and in fact leaving room for the addition of new features without negatively impacting the user interface.

These updates are scheduled to be released on Friday evening, February 6th.  If you would like to try them out ahead of time, please login to our Beta site: https://beta.luxsci.com.

Moving the submenus:

Commands in submenus, generally, are used less that toolbar icons, search, and navigation.  Additionally, the number of options here can be confusing and complex, especially to new users.  We have decided to condense these menus, move them to a less prominent location, and to make them visually responsive

  1.  Thesubmenus such as “Messages”, “Folders”, “Tools”, “View”, etc. that have always been at the left side of the top of the interfacehave been collapsed into two menus (“commands”, and “tools and settings”)located on the top right, accessible through the menu icons:
    1.  – Commands
    2.  – Tools and settings
  2. The items in these menus now are responsive to what is and is not available and selected in your messages and list areas.  E.g. if you do not have anything selected, commands like “Delete” and “Reply” are disabled.

Updating the toolbar commands:

Did you know that you can add and remove commands from the toolbar?  Use the “Settings > Email Settings > Email Listing Preferences” to customize what is available to you.  These can be customized in the WebAide Interfaces as well.  The toolbar has been updated for usability

  1. The icons are a little larger
  2. The text descriptions are a little smaller
  3. The icons are responsive … so they are visually disabled in situations where they cannot be used (e.g. you can’t “reply” to a message if you have multiple messages selected).
  4. The icon area has been visually simplified — there is more white space and less “boxiness”.

Moving message page navigation:

In the interest of saving space, we have moved the “page navigation” from right below the command toolbar into the top of the message list.

Note that you can use the command icons  and  located at the right side of the page navigation section to switch between a “split screen” view of your message list and message view and a “single screen” option where you view either your full message or your full message list.

Updating the search tool:

On of our most significant goals was to simplify the search interface — to make it super simple for basic searches, while still leaving the options available for advanced searching.

  1. The search has been moved up into the same horizontal space as the command toolbar
  2. The search area is smaller
  3. The old command button that would open up the “advanced search”  is now a menu, with the 1st option being advanced search.  The rest of the options reflect other search options (such as searching by tag or message status) that used to be available as a drop down menu.  Essentially, these are still available as a drop down menu … that menu and other search-related commands have simply been condensed.

What about WebAides?

The WebAide interfaces (Address books, Calendars, Tasks, Blogs, Documents, Notes, Passwords, Links, and Groups) have all been updated with similar changes, so that the interfaces for all of these areas are consistent.


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