January 17th, 2011

LuxSci WebAide Address Books Now Support Contact Pictures

A simple, but fun and useful feature!  LuxSci Address Book WebAides now support the addition of a custom picture for each contact.  This picture can be viewed when looking at the contact details in the web interface and can be added/replaced/removed using the Address Book entry edit screen.

You can add pictures of any size and format — they will be automatically converted and sized for you.

Contact pictures also work seamlessly with LuxSci Mobile Sync:

  • Pictures associated with a contacts on your mobile device are automatically synchronized to your LuxSci Address Books, are visible in the Web Interface, and will synchronize to other mobile devices you may have configured to synchronize with that same address book
  • Images added in the LuxSci Web Interface will automatically by sent to your mobile devices and will appear there, associated with the contacts.

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