March 4th, 2013

New Contact/Calendar/Task Synchronization Option for Outlook 2013

LuxSci customers with Basic or Premium MobileSync can now use this same service for automatic synchronization and push updates of calendar, contact, and task data between LuxSci WeAides and Outlook v2013 for Windows.

Outlook v2013 for Windows is released and now includes native support for “Exchange ActiveSync” (EAS) for synchronizing calendar, contact, and task information with external systems. EAS is usually only available in mobile devices, as a different mechanism is used by desktop programs to synchronize data with Exchange.  Outlook v2013 is the first version of Outlook (or any other desktop email program that we are aware of) that supports ActiveSync and which thus allows automatic synchronization of data with non-exchange-based systems without the need for any kind of special plug-in.

How do you use it?

To use LuxSci MobileSync with Outlook v2013, you simply configure a new Exchange ActiveSync account in Outlook using your LuxSci username and password together with “” as the server name.

You can choose to synchronize calendars, contacts, and tasks.  Do not use this for synchronizing email (that is not supported).

Why no email synchronization support?

Premium MobileSync supports push email and email synchronization directly over Exchange ActiveSync on mobile devices.  So, why is this not available with Outlook v2013?

It turns out that Outlook v2013’s email support is very, very buggy.  We have had to disable the email component of MobileSync when Outlook is connecting in order to prevent lots of bad things from happening to your email (like having it all being re-downloaded over and over).  If Microsoft improves Outlook’s EAS support (which we expect that they eventually will), we will support push email over MobileSync at that time.

In the interim, we direct customers to use IMAP to access your email when using Outlook v2013 (though we have seen that IMAP support has also deteriorated from previous versions of Outlook; for example, its support for “IMAP Folder Paths” is now broken).

Good to Know!

If you do not have a MobileSync license, you can add it to your account through your Upgrades page, contact Sales, or make a Support Ticket.

With Outlook v2013 and MobileSync, you no longer need to use LuxSci’s Outlook WebAideSync Plugin to synchronize your calendar, task, and contact data.

Microsoft explicitly broke Exchange ActiveSync compatibility for Outlook by requiring special headers to be passed … mostly to ensure that every service provider supporting EAS takes specific action to support Outlook properly.  LuxSci is likely the first or one of the first vendors to support Outlook EAS, besides Microrosoft’s own Hotmail/


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