March 19th, 2018

New Dedicated Server Options and Pricing Changes

LuxSci has just released a number of new dedicated server options and pricing changes. This post goes over what is new, what is changing, and how it impacts existing customers.

New Business Class Server Options

LuxSci is now offering 6 new Business Class dedicated servers (compare: Business vs Enterprise Class). Previously, all Business Class dedicated servers were set up in the RackSpace public cloud.  Now, new LuxSci Business Class servers for web hosting and/or email services are being setup in Amazon’s Public Cloud (AWS).  Using AWS for Business Class servers allows us to: 

  • Lower the price point for all new Business Class servers.  They now start at $60/mo.
  • Drastically lower the cost of disk space on new dedicated servers.  Additional disk space is only $20/mo per 100 GB.
  • Ensure full disk encryption for all new Business Class dedicated servers.
  • Upsize or downsize dedicated servers on demand with minimal downtime and minimal effort.

LuxSci is an email services company and the use of Public Cloud Servers for outbound email is problematic as all such servers can have serious issues with IP reputation which can lead to email deliverability woes.   LuxSci has solved that issue.  All email sent from LuxSci AWS Business Class servers is routed outbound through clusters of LuxSci outbound email relay servers at RackSpace, servers with IP addresses outside of the Public Cloud.  Deliverability of email from AWS Business Class servers is as good as delivery from any of LuxSci’s Enterprise Class servers and RackSpace Business Class servers.

RackSpace Business Class servers continue to be used specifically for new customers sending large quantities of outbound email.  I.e., dedicated smart hosting from Office365 or GSuite, High Volume Email sending, etc.  This ensure that such customers have dedicated sending IP addresses and eliminates the need for their email to routed through additional layers of sending servers, keeping sending simpler and more efficient.

Compare all dedicated server options.

Lower Disk Space Pricing

LuxSci has worked with its vendors and has been able to lower the pricing for the purchase of new disk space blocks across the board.  We have also been able to lower the price of disk overages.

The new pricing (and upgrade block sizes) is as follows:

Old Pricing New Pricing
Business Class Shared $7.50 per 10GB ($0.75/G) $15 per 50GB ($0.30/G)
Business Class Shared Overage $0.75 / GB $0.50 / GB
Enterprise Class Shared $10.00 per 10GB ($1.00/G) $15 per 25GB ($0.60/G)
Enterprise Class Shared Overage $1.00 / GB $0.75 / GB
Business Class Dedicated AWS n/a $20 per 100GB ($0.20/G)
Business Class Dedicated RackSpace $0.75 per 10GB $20 per 50GB ($0.40/G)
Enterprise Class Dedicated RackSpace $1.00 per 10GB $20 per 50GB ($0.40/G)


As you can see, for Business Class customers disk space upgrades are reduced by well over 50%.

Some Prices have Increased

To keep up with the times, some prices have increased.  These include:

  • There is now a flat $15/mo fee when ordering an Enterprise Class shared services account, to cover the additional cost of the high availability Enterprise environment.
  • The price of a-la-carte licenses for Email Archival and Email encryption have been raised to $6/user/mo and $5/user/mo. However, when purchasing these services for all users or in bundle, the pricing remains essentially unchanged.
  • It is now slightly more expensive to purchase users in a shared hosting account compared to a dedicated hosting account.
  • The pricing for Premium High Volume (i.e., encrypted high volume email) sending has increased, especially in shared accounts.

Other Billing and Ordering Policy Changes

Additionally, we have implemented a few other changes which include:

  • User licenses can only be upgraded or downgraded in blocks of 5.  E.g., if you need 6-10 users, you will be buying a block of 10 users.
  • We have eliminated the “5 Standard Packages” of user license combinations (i.e., the old “Starter,” “Ultimate,” etc. packages) in favor of a simpler and more flexible user pricing model:
    • Customers pay “a la carte” prices when ordering services that are only for some users in the account
    • Customers pay (often cheaper) “for all users” pricing when ordering services for everyone
    • Customers pay (often even cheaper) “bundle” pricing when ordering services for everyone AND also ordering Email Archival and Premium Email Filtering (bundle) for everyone.
    • These prices (and how they differ for shared and dedicated customers) can be found in our prices page.
  • For dedicated server customers, we now track outbound server bandwidth usage.  Customers that exceed their allotted outbound monthly bandwidth will be charged for the bandwidth overage.  All but the smallest servers include more bandwidth than most customers will ever use on a monthly basis.  Dedicated server included bandwidth.
  • For new business email customers, we have changed the way we determine the minimum number of users that you must purchase for your account
    • If you buy basic users that cost $1/mo or $0.75/mo, you must order at least 10.
    • Otherwise, you must order at least 5.
  • New shared hosting accounts now only support up to 500 GB of storage and up to 50 users; larger accounts are put on dedicated servers.

Existing Customers

Here is how the pricing changes will impact existing customers:

  • Your Current Contract
    • Your existing bill for existing services will remain exactly the same, as usual.   The price increases and decreases will not touch your currently purchased services.
  • Upgrades & Overages
    • Any new disk space blocks that you purchases will at the new, cheaper price.
    • Any disk space overage charges that your encounter will be at the new, cheaper price.
    • For existing customers with Premium Email Filtering and/or Archival, the price you have been paying for these services has been grandfathered so that you can continue to pay the same rate for new licenses.  Otherwise, new a-la-carte purchased on SecureLine, Email Archival, and Email Filtering will be at the new (possibly higher) prices.

LuxSci is not automatically changing current contracts to reflect new pricing and user licensing.  There are many reasons for this beyond the fact that such a task is a manual process which could as easily increase the monthly fee paid by customers as decrease it.

If you would like an account review, please submit a support ticket.  Our billing team will then review your entire account in the context of what you would pay for all services at current package pricing.  I.e., when applying new disk prices, user pricing, the need to order blocks of 5 users, etc.  If the review shows that you could save by re-writing your contract, we can do that for you.

If you are a Business Class dedicated server customer, them you are currently using a RackSpace Business Class server.  If you would like to move to an AWS Business Class server, please submit a support ticket.  Such a move requires migrating your account and data to a new server with a new IP address.  This takes manual work, causes some downtime, and changes your IP address and email server hostnames.  The migration will also need to be scheduled in an available operations team maintenance window.  There will be a fee involved to cover the migration.  The fee, which starts at $100, is a function of the size and complexity of your current server and data.

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