November 19th, 2008

New Email Address Auto-Complete with LuxSci’s Email Composer

One of our most requested features of late has been to support the "auto-completion" of email addresses when users are entering To, Cc, and Bcc addresses into email messages.  While LuxSci has always had an address "picker" where users could choose addresses from their address books via a small pop-up window, that required a click to activate, some effort to search for the addresses, and then a click to close.

Users really wanted suggestions from their address books automatically presented to them, as happens in most modern email programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird, in a way that doesn’t require them to click or "do anything" and where selecting from the list could be as easy as pressing a single key. LuxSci has heard and implemented this feature in its WebMail interface.  Now, as you type in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, WebMail will automatically search your address books and present a list of all matching contacts for you to choose from.  This new feature, like the rest of LuxSci’s WebMail, is compatible with FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.

In particular, the address book auto-completion tool:

  • Searches in all of your WebAide address books.  This includes all of your personal address books, all address books that are shared with you to which you have subscribed, your default address book, your favorite address books, and any address books you have associated with SecureLine.
  • Compares what you are typing with the first name, last name, company, nickname, and email addresses of all of these contacts
  • Presents a list displaying all matching contacts (their names, companies, nicknames, and email addresses) for you to select from.  This list refines itself dynamically and instantly as you type.
  • Use your keyboard arrow keys to choose a suggested contact and use Tab or Enter to replace whatever you have been typing with that contact’s email address.  You can choose and select with your mouse as well.
  • Auto-completion works great even if you are entering multiple email addresses in the same field; you get auto-completion for each one individually as you add it on.
  • Your address book information is cached in the browser so that it does not have to be re-loaded every time you compose a new email message; only changes are loaded.

Auto-completion is really easy and fast. As the first match is always auto-selected, you can auto-complete with it merely by pressing Enter or Tab while you are typing.  If the intended contact is not the first on the list, you can use the down arrow key to scroll to it and then press Enter or Tab. Using auto-completion also goes a long way in preventing misspelled email addresses and delays in communications.

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