November 25th, 2003

New Email Guard Features

Several new Email Guard features have been added:

  • The Email Guard portal for end users will now support versions of Netscape 4.x.
  • Users can associate multiple email addresses (“alias email addresses”) to one primary email address. The Spam quarantine information for a set of associated email addresses is combined in a single Spam Quarantine Report sent to the primary email address, managed through one login in the portal, and controlled by one set of user configurations (for example, Allow/Deny lists). A single quarantine area is created and managed for each set of associated email addresses. All reporting information for each set of associated emails is combined in each report type.
  • The Always Deny Link on the Spam Quarantine Report and the Always Deny Button on the portal is now optional, i.e. it can be disabled at the domain level for all users in the domain by the administrator. By default it is disabled.
  • If you have multiple domains with the same users in each, we can now protect the additional domains at no additional charge using “domain aliases”.

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