May 20th, 2009

New: Send Copies of All Outbound Mail To Another Address

LuxSci has long supported the concept of “capturing outbound (and inbound) email,” where copies of all outbound email for all users in a domain are sent to an email address of your choice (be it on LuxSci or elsewhere).

Now, this kind of automatic outbound email copying can be enabled and configured on a per-user basis.  Each user can choose to forward copies of all outbound email (sent from WebMail or SMTP) to any single address of his/her choice; this address can be different for each user.

This user-level copying is compatible with the domain-level capturing.  If both are enabled, both will happen. It is also compatible with SecureLine.  If a user is encrypting outbound email, then the messages copied to the configured address will also be encrypted.

So, if you need to archive or backup email for  a specific user or send copies of sent messages to your boss for review, it is now very easy.  Existing LuxSci users can enable this feature by logging in and going to “Email > My Email Tools > Outbound Email > Copies of Messages”.  There they can enable “Forward a copy or all messages sent via SMTP or WebMail to a specific email address” and fill in the address to which those messages should be sent.

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