December 30th, 2004

New WebMail Features

LuxSci has made several enhancements to its WebMail:

  • Threaded Sort: Email folders can now be sorted by email message “thread”. This effectively sorts messages by subject and date, grouping by like subjects. Threaded sorting can be enabled under the “More Options” menu in the folder view, or in the WebMail Preferences.
  • Display Recipient: Users can now optionally choose to display the recipient of their messages in the message folder views. For this purpose, the “recipient” is defined as who the message is “To”. Recipient display can be enabled in the WebMail Preferences.
  • Customize Sent Email Folder Name: In the WebMail Preferences, users can now specify to what folder they would like sent email saved. This enables users to change the sent email folder from the default of “sent-mail” to on folder of their choice, in particular, it can be changed to the one their IMAP client is saving messages to, if that is different from the default “sent-mail” folder.

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