March 3rd, 2007

New WebMail User Interface Released

LuxSci’s has released a new, cutting-edge WebMail interface which faster, better looking, and much more customizable than LuxSci’s previous offering.

This list is a summary of some of the significant changes and enhancements in LuxSci’s new WebMail.

Important Changes to the WebMail Email Message List:

  • The Message List interface has been revised to support multiple customizable areas for a message list, a message view/preview, and an email folder tree. You can choose how you would like to arrange these panes and you can resize them by dragging on the dividers between them.
  • Navigation among folders and message groups has been simplified.
  • The old "More Commands" submenu has been replaced by four new submenus: "Folders", "View", "Message", and "Tools".
  • WebMail has been speed-optimized though the use of smarter server- side and client-side caching as well as through extensive use of AJAX.
  • The message list now has separate fixed-width columns for each type of message header data (i.e. subject, sender, etc.). You can choose which columns are displayed, in what order, and how much space they occupy.
  • The message previews have been removed from within the message list and are now displayed in a new "preview pane" which is enabled by default. Additionally, the previews now show you the first 25 lines of the text or HTML content of your messages. This makes it much easier and faster to see what is in your email. Note that the viewing of message previews is completely safe
  • A new "folder tree" pane has been added that lets you see your email folders in a hierarchical layout. You can also create new folders and synchronize your folder tree with the server easily.
  • You can now drag and drop message(s) to move them into folders when you have the new folder tree pane displayed (it is enabled by default).
  • Email messages are now selected by clicking on them instead of by using checkboxes. Additionally, you can use control-click and shift-click to select multiple messages.
  • A "Full Screen" mode has been added which removes all extraneous content from the message list page, maximizing the available screen space usable for viewing your email.
  • The message list page now supports a wide array of keyboard shortcuts to make common tasks easier. These are listed in the new submenus and in the help.
  • You can now view the threading of messages when you sort your email folder by "thread".
  • Clicking on the "read" or "flagged" columns in the message list will toggle the respective read or flagged state of the message.
  • The basic searching features of WebMail have been improved by allowing you to quickly select messages based on the following criteria: today’s email, yesterday’s email, email from the last 5 days, all read email, all flagged email, all unflagged email, all not read email, all deleted email, and all not deleted email.
  • Many per-message commands can now be performed from the message list. These include: view message source, download message as an EML file, and view message in a printable format.
  • New commands have been added:
    • Copy message to a new or existing folder
    • Edit a message as new
    • Create new email folder
    • Synchronize email folders with server
    • Cancel Search
  • The "Auto Refresh" functionality has been improved:
    • Better look and feel and integration
    • Auto refresh now lasts for two hours before needing to be reset.
    • Auto refresh now always checks the status of your INBOX, no matter what folder is actually being viewed.
    • Auto refresh does not extend your idle timeout… so your session can expire while auto refresh is enabled if you are not otherwise using WebMail.
  • You can now double click on a message to view the full content.
  • Viewing the HTML content and image content of messages inline can now be toggled via commands in the new "Message" submenu.
  • The preservation of search and sort state has been enhanced.
  • Sorting is now done exclusively by clicking on the headings of the columns to be sorted instead of by using menu commands.
  • When you sort by Sender or Recipient, their email addresses are always displayed instead of their names, as this is the content actually employed by the search.
  • Trying to view the full content of a message in the drafts and templates folders will open a composition window and load the selected message into it.
  • Sorting and searching by message sent date has been improved so that the dates used in the search are based on your selected time zone.
  • Improved rendering and processing of messages with arbitrary character encodings.
  • Improved rendering and processing of malformatted HTML-encoded messages.
  • The Xpress portal’s message list page has also been improved to add many of these new features and user interface elements.

Important Changes to Email Composition:

  • The email composition page now checks in with the server before it tries to send your message so that it can alert you if you session has expired or if there is any kind of Internet connectivity problem. In this way, you will not lose the content of the message you are sending in any of these situations.
  • The HTML editor for email composition has been improved. The new version includes a "maximize" button that you can use to expand the editor to "full screen" while you are composing the message and shrink it back to normal when done.
  • When used in a pop-up window, the email composition screen now looks and feels much better.
  • Composition of HTML messages with inline images has been improved.
  • You can now hide and show the "Message Options" area of the composition page.

Important Changes to the Email Message Display window.

  • The message header area at the top of the message body can now be expended and collapsed to help you save screen space.
  • The message body, header, and attachments are visible via separate tabs at the bottom of the page.
  • Navigation among messages in the same folder has been improved.
  • Email message data is loaded using AJAX so that you can switch between messages quickly without reloading the page.

General WebMail changes:

  • Deleting an email message now marks it as "read".
  • Folders with spaces in their names can now be created in WebMail.
  • Significant improvements in back-end IMAP compatibility and seamlessness when multiple users are logged in at the same time viewing the same folders.
  • Folder names created externally which contain Unicode characters will now render properly in WebMail.
  • Inline help has been removed. Now all page-specific help is loaded into a pop-up window.
  • Access to external automated language translation sources that used to be available when composing or viewing email messages had been removed.

Important Changes to User Preferences

  • The preferences user interface has been significantly revised to make it much easier to find relevant preferences.
  • There is a new preference that you can use to cause you to go directly to your INBOX when you login to WebMail, skipping the "Welcome Page".
  • You can now select from among 6 different views of your WebMail message list page
  • You can now configure which email header fields are displayed in your WebMail message list, and in what order.
  • Account administrators can now view and edit all of the preferences of their users in the administrative interface.
  • You can customize what command icons appear on the tool bars of your WebMail message list, message display, and composition pages.
  • You can choose to either preview and view messages in a preview pane of the Webmail message list page, or always view the full message content without preview in the preview pane.
  • Many preferences added to allow you to further customize the look and behavior of Webmail.
  • The maximum messages you can display at once in WebMail is now limited to 100. The maximum message preview is also now limited to 100 lines of content in the full portal and 10 in the Xpress portal.
  • The description of many preferences has been updated for clarity.

Important Changes to SecureLine

  • A quick access page is now displayed in WebMail when you are viewing a SecureLine Escrow message notification. This allows you to access the message content in the SecureLine Escrow portal much ore quickly.

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