May 4th, 2012

Organize Your Documents, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts in nested sub-folders

LuxSci’s WebAides empower you to collaborate on Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Files, Links, Notes, Passwords, and more.

While you could always create multiple Documents containers for storing files, or multiple Address Books for contacts, there was not a way to organize via a nested file/folder structure (like the file structure on your computer) or to have Task lists organized in a hierarchical manner.

Hierarchical WebAide Organization

All of LuxSci’s WebAides now support a hierarchical organizational structure.  You can:

  • Store files in a folder structure with many levels of nested subfolders
  • Create calendars or tasks lists that are organized in a tree
  • Share individual folders with your account, domain, user groups, and/or individual users

Its simple and easy

  • Create new WebAides as “subfolders” of existing WebAides
  • Instantly move WebAides and all sub-folders to new locations
  • Instantly transfer ownership of WebAides and all sub-folders to another user
  • Recursively delete a WebAide and all sub-folders
  • Navigate your WebAide Documents, Contacts, Notes, etc., using a collapsable tree structure

These features are now available to all existing and new customers. A Premium WebAides license is needed to have multiple calendars or address books, or to use features such as Tasks, Documents, Notes, Passwords, etc.

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