December 18th, 2013

Secure, Simplify, and Save in 2014

What do you need for your business to be competitive and successful?

  1. Secure Services  Ensure the security and privacy of your data and meet compliance requirements.
  2. Simplicity  Get started quickly; be able to do what you need; things should just work.
  3. Save  You get what you pay for, but the value should help your bottom line.

For 2014, LuxSci is focused on ensuring that all of its new and existing customers have increased security, enjoy a simple and relevant experience, and see the extreme value of our services and support.

Secure Services

Security and privacy have been and continue to be a central focus of LuxSci’s roadmap and identity.  For example, some of our flagship services include:

Combined with our other secure and compliant services like Advanced Email FilteringEmail ArchivalMobileSync, WebAides Collaboration tools, secure web hostingdedicated servers, and branding your company’s identity to your WebMail and Secure escrow message portal, LuxSci offers you the opportunity to integrate a wide array of services to help you maintain your competitive edge.

In 2014, LuxSci will continue to expand these services, as well as add new ones to our offerings.

Simplicity and Integration

A service, no matter how secure or featureful, is not useful unless it can be understood and used without frustration by its intended audience.  With security, that is sometimes challenging as added levels of security and privacy often compete with getting things done quickly and simply.  The same goes with added flexibility — the more flexibility and customization available, the more complex and difficult it can be to learn and use.

In 2014, LuxSci will continue to simplify its user interfaces and services so that the most common actions and tasks are easily identifiable and completed.  We also have plans to continue integrating our services so that it is both faster and simpler to perform tasks that cross boundaries or services (e.g. mixing email and calendar and to do lists more directly) and to further expand options for integration with third party services (e.g. added APIs, support for new protocols, etc.)

LuxSci wants you to be able to get things done efficiently, for the solution to be easy to understand.  It should be presented in a way that supports your business model, while offering the security options that you need.


You get what you pay for.  With LuxSci you receive responsive customer support, an extremely reliable infrastructure, and top notch services.

LuxSci is committed to ensuring that our current and new customers recognize the value that LuxSci is providing them and how that saves them in many respects.  We save you time and aggravation. We save you money and your reputation, etc.  Our testimonials already speak to these points.  E.g.

These are incredibly challenging times for medical practices. Ever increasing regulations and ever decreasing reimbursements continuously assault the ability of a practice to profitably deliver high quality patient care. We opened our practice nearly 3 years ago and LuxSci has been with us since day one.  At this point, we can easily say that choosing LuxSci as our groupware provider is one of the single best decisions our practice has made.

LuxSci delivers rock solid reliability, outstanding customer support, extensive feature sets, comprehensive security controls, a powerful rules engine, and flexible frameworks. All at a very reasonable price.

By leveraging LuxSci’s offering, we have been able to stay ahead of the regulatory curve, maximize our operational efficiency, reduce our risk profile, and achieve the level of quality we aspired to when opening the practice.

-Adam Goode, Practice Administrator, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Group, P.C.

In 2014, along with our monthly promotions, we will be using case studies and examples to outline how LuxSci helps businesses be competitive and successful.

What promotions?

  1. December 2013: “Cyber Month” – Save 50% off your first month of email marketing with dedicated or shared plans.  Read more.
  2. January 2014: “Dedicate Yourself” – Setup fee waived on all dedicated servers.  Save 50% off first month’s sending tier on an email marketing dedicated server.  Details coming soon.

LuxSci looks forward to helping you Secure, Simplify, and Save in 2014!


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