March 19th, 2014

SecureForm: Give your customers access to their form submissions

Many times when a customer fills out a form on your website, they want a copy for their own records. Providing this copy of the submitted data often takes manual effort on your behalf to search your Inbox, WebAides Documents, or database, extract the appropriate file, and email the file as an attachment back to the individual who filled it out.

Of course, this presumes that the submittee entered their email address accurately, and that you send the form back to their correct address. When sending a copy via this method, sensitive information such as medical data that needs to be HIPAA compliant could possibly be sent to the wrong person or insecurely, resulting in a possible breach and violation!

With LuxSci SecureForm it is easy to securely provide the person submitting the form a copy, automatically and immediately after they submit your form.

How does it work?

  1. Set up your web site form to post through LuxSci SecureForm
  2. Upload a PDF, HTML, XML, or other type of Template file for your form so the submitted data can be re-filled into it
  3. Enable the “download URL” feature in your SecureForm’s “Templates” configuration area
  4. When the user submits the form successfully, they are redirected to your “Success” web page address.  LuxSci passes to this page a web address from which the re-filled template file can be downloaded. *Note that if you set your SecureForm configuration to post to both a PDF template file and another type of template file, the PDF file will be presented to the form user.
  5. If your success page is dynamic (i.e. written in PHP, Perl, JAVA, JavaScript, etc.), you can dynamically present that URL to the end user for them to click on to download their copy of the submitted data — complete with any Ink Signatures that they may have signed with.

But what about security and branding?

  • Temporary: The cached re-filled in template file is only saved for 1 hour — it is auto-deleted after that time.
  • Access Restricted: The download link only works if accessed from the same IP Address as the end user who submitted the form.
  • Secure Transmission: If the form was submitted securely, the download link will be also secure (over SSL).
  • Branded: The download link uses the same domain name that you use for SecureForm posts — if you have customized that using Private Labeling, then the download link will also be Private Labeled.

What does it cost?

This feature is just a regular part of LuxSci SecureForm.

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