May 18th, 2010

SecureForm: Now Supports Forms Created with Adobe Acrobat Professional (via FDF posts)

LuxSci’s SecureForm now supports FDF formats when submitting your Adobe PDF Forms to the service.  FDF supports the use of modified form data from the server.  SecureForm is appropriate for:

  • PDF forms distributed using email, a web site, or other means
  • People who fill out PDF forms and press a “submit form” button in the form itself
  • Receiving filled-in versions of those PDFs securely [or insecurely] to your email inbox
  • Sending a [secure] email containing a copy of the filled in form

SecureForm is quick and easy, and is HIPAA-compliant.

LuxSci’s latest update to SecureForm is support for PDFs submitted using “FDF” format through Adobe Acrobat Professional. Now you can submit your form data via FDF (instead of HTML), have that data filled back in to your original Acrobat Professional PDF document, and receive the resulting filled-in form in your inbox. FDF support expands the range of PDF creation software compatible with SecureForm.

In addition, SecureForm now offers the option to receive data in a flattened or unflattened PDF–which is useful if you wish to retain certain interactive functions of your original PDF form such as rollover button-images.

If you need to collect data from PDF forms (or web forms) and have it emailed to you securely [or insecurely], give LuxSci SecureForm a free try.

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