March 1st, 2011

SecureLine Users Can Toggle Between TLS and Escrow Encryption When Sending Messages

LuxSci’s SecureLine end-to-end email security system enables allows customers to enable use of TLS for email delivery, without any further encryption, when TLS is supported by the recipient email servers and the customers’ needs only include transport encryption (i.e. for HIPAA).  This provides security with maximum usability, when available.

However, TLS is not as secure as SecureLine Escrow for email communications.  For cases where enhanced security is desired, even to a recipient whose email servers support TLS, LuxSci’s WebMail email composer now permits users to override the use of “TLS Only” so that “SecureLine Escrow” can be used instead — on a message-by-message basis.  I.e., users can now use Escrow “on demand” to provide enhanced security over TLS.

Additionally, users have a new preference (under “Email Composition > SecureLine” preferences), where they can alter the behavior of WebMail so that “TLS Only” delivery is NOT used for them unless requested — Escrow can be used by default if desired.

These new security settings only apply to SecureLine customers who have “TLS” enabled as a viable secure email delivery method in their account.

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